Summer essential pet refreshing cool towel L (sky sky)

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Summer essential pet refreshing cool towel L (sky sky)

รายละเอียดสินค้า to Oh ~ long-awaited refreshing cool towel finally listed!
Cool towel for the patent double-layer structure design,
The inner layer uses a high-density, thin, waterproof fabric to ensure that the coolant is completely sealed for extended periods of time.
The most important thing is that the waterproof layer to prevent the cold coolant, so that the towel will not wet answer, do not return to wet!
Moisture will not only make the dog uncomfortable also easy to smell the dog skin is not good Oh ~
The outer layer is the use of imported fabrics in Korea, moderate thickness, easy to change after the deformation of wrinkles,
General thin cotton material is too thin not only washed after crumpled, support the weight of cold refrigerant is not enough.
So we choose the thickness of moderate, does not affect the cool sense of communication, to provide comfortable and cool dog temperature.
360-degree round around the collar design, provided to the hair child enough zero dead angle cool feeling!
Elastic rope adjustable design, according to the pet neck adjustment.
There are a lot of master asked, that too much cold will not be too heavy?
In fact, we are hand to get, I feel there must be a weight,
But the dog is to be carried on the neck with the body to support the weight of the feeling is not the same ~
So little master do not worry! If still feel too heavy,
A total of five pockets, you can choose to put only three or two!
The towel has a compartment design so not afraid of cold agent run :)

⭐️ Le Ruisen has a concept to tell you that the cold product is not the better ice Oh!
Too ice you think the dog will be comfortable? People will be frostbite like to take an ice ice in your body feeling (the same reason)

✔ ️ Use Japanese high quality cold charge 50g
Medium size towel can put 5, a total of 250g / each group comes with 10 cold agent
Large size towel can put 6, a total of 300g / each group with 12 cold agent
(Refrigerant can be reused)

✔ ️ size
M in size 52cm
L large size 62cm

Measured by
[Meatball brother] Fighting 4Y, weight 14KG, wearing M clothes fit, wear L loose.
Meatballs with older age, physical strength is not as good as in the past,
Once we took him to the Riverside Park for a walk in the evening, and later saw that he was very awake (much like the breath, the sound was terrible)
We quickly took her to open the car to open the air to him to blow, has been to the water, when the meatballs are purple, even the rise of the strength of no (the whole head is hanging).
Was really scared silly! After the risk of meatballs slowly recovered.
From this to the summer, summer goods for us is very important ~ ~ ~ ~
This kind of scared of the courage of the experience really can not do not, for the hair child is good, summer really want to pay attention to their heat situation :)
Our products will be the first through their own test no problem began to sell, meatballs brother wearing a fall immediately whirring sleep (no exaggeration!)
Ice cold good Su Hu good sleep, summer is not afraid of heat!

Special Structure New Patent Application
Origin / manufacturing method
Taiwan handmade


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