Soda Splash Magic Bubble Water Bubble Machine

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~ taste life as you like ~ Easy DIY bubble water Advanced stainless steel matte material Let you fall in love with drinking water 1200ml capacity



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Soda Splash Magic Bubble Water Bubble Machine


Soda Splash Bubble Bubble Water Machine, designed by an Austrian designer, made in Taiwan, free of plasticizer troubles. Combining fashion elements with food safety factors is not only a manufacturing machine for bubble drinks, but also an art display at home. The taste of life begins now! Surprise on the tip of the tongue The squirrels with bubbles in your mouth are sizzling, and you can enjoy it without burden! Whether you want simple water bubbles or a variety of bubble cocktails, from now on, the magic bubble bottle allows you to make your own creative modulation, no longer constrained!" Start Party The magic bubble water bubble machine can directly mix various beverages, including water, alcohol, juice, etc., without adding syrup afterwards, it will not cause The bubble water machine is damaged! Not only can you play ordinary drinks, but you can also change all kinds of cocktails! Party in your home, an important playmate! Create your exclusive drink Free to do whatever you want, your own bubble drink! Easy to carry design, so you can take it to any place Whether it's a kitchen, a hotel, an outdoor camping, there is no limit! Unspeakable beauty of conflict Let the sweet bitter tea drink have the bubbles in your mouth, no longer just ordinary tea, you can't imagine the taste. Wait for yourself to taste! Bubble Water Knowledge Primary School Presumably, many people have this experience. After drinking a few mouthfuls of carbonated water after exercise, the body will soon be a lot easier. This is because carbonic acid can neutralize Fatigue-induced lactic acid. In addition, the intake of carbonic acid helps smooth blood circulation and accelerates metabolism. Carbonated water can increase the concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood. When the concentration of carbonic acid in the body is increased, the blood flow can be accelerated, and the hands and feet can be warmed up. Therefore, while drinking carbonated water, exercise more, and at the same time, the body constitution . Carbonated water (bubble-type mineral water) has the effect of neutralizing the lactic acid of the fatigue substance, and is also very effective for improving the dryness of the skin. The carbonated water can be called "recovery". In the past few years, Europe, Japan, and even Taiwan have begun to have a wave of drinking bubbles, and Yamanaka Aki (Japan Chief Navy) analyzed bubbles. The advantage of water is that it can effectively stimulate the peristalsis of the intestines. When you wake up in the morning and drink a cup of cool bubble water, you will feel refreshed and help digestion. After eating greasy food, drinking a bit of sparkling water is especially useful for solving the problem. Many athletes think that bubble water can help soothe the muscles after exercise. Sore problem. Soda Slash magic bubble bottle water machine steps 1. Use a funnel to pour any iced beverage into a bubble bottle (no more than 1200cc) and tighten the soda head. 2. Insert the CO2 gas bomb (Soda Charger) into the gas bomb sleeve and lock it into the soda head hole (while locking in, you will hear the sound of gas entering). 3. Shake the bubble bottle up and down for about 10-15 times and wait for about 3-4 minutes. 4. Press the button on the head of the soda to do the "flat" action. When the gas is drained, pour it out and serve. Photo description Soda Splash Magic Bubble Water Bubble Machine by FNTE Product standard equipment + gifts ● Soda Splash magic bubble water bubble machine x 1 ● 8g CO2 filled cylinder* 10 ● 8g CO2 filled cylinder* 1 (trial) ● Accessories: Manual*1, Soda head*1, bottle cap*1, gas cylinder sleeve*1, funnel * 1 Product specifications Brand: Soda Splash Product Name: Magic Bubble Water Bubble Machine Color: Nordic Silver Country of manufacture: Taiwan Warranty period: 1 year Product size: height 31.6cm diameter 9.5cm Color box size: length = 16.3 width = 10 height = 32.5cm Capacity: 1200ml Net weight: 0.8kg Remarks ● The magic bubble bottle has passed the safety certification of TUV Rheinland, passed the German Product Safety Law, and obtained the internationally recognized GS mark. Product quality and safety are worthy of the letter. ● Soda Splash passed the national fair inspection in Taiwan, complied with food safety regulations, and has already insured 10 million property insurance. If you have any questions, please go to the official website to check or leave a message!


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