[Mu Geng Live Tea Research Institute] Tea learning for life - tea brewing skills for a lifetime - theme month

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The tea master Daxier, with more than ten years of experience in Chashan, from tea common sense, tea science knowledge to tea brewing, tea tasting, tea drinking etiquette, in an easy-to-understand way, so that everyone can be more In-depth and more extensi
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[Mu Geng Live Tea Research Institute] Tea learning for life - tea brewing skills for a lifetime - theme month


**Tea Learning for Lifelong Life - October Green Tea Month - November Black Tea Month** **"Green tea, black tea theme month _ from common sense to knowledge, from knowledge to try"** Green tea, the degree of fermentation is between green tea and black tea, the tea is yellowish brown, famous for its aroma Takayama Oolong, Baochao Tea, Oriental Beauty, Honey Oolong, Frozen Top, Tieguanyin, Rock Tea, Phoenix Single Cong... Green tea is very varied, each tea has its own characteristics October, also the season of tea winter tea harvest in Taiwan Mu Geng live tea research so a series of "green tea" courses open in October full of tea In the coming November, the "black tea" is the main axis. Ancient tree black tea, red jade black tea and Earl Grey tea What kind of spark can the western-style tea have when it encounters the desktop bubble method? Let us use tea to irrigate your desire for knowledge. **"It is difficult to make tea? Have you ever encountered this situation:** Is it so intense to make tea in front of the boss? Soaking tea in front of my father-in-law? Talking about business with customers, how can I use a bunch of tea in front of me? I got a good tea from my friends. How can I not get rid of it? **"One lesson, the technique of making tea for a lifetime"** This course features six classic teas In a simple and easy-to-understand way, your knowledge of tea In-depth analysis of the delicate relationship between tea and water, tea, and bubble And through the implementation, using the three elements of tea, teach you to quickly master tea making skills Through the "Product and Work", everyone can have a deeper and more extensive understanding of the tea culture Entering a feast of tea with a sense of smell and taste Suitable for beginners, like to drink tea, do not know how to make tea! **"Class time"** 10/09-11/30 Wednesday, June 14:00-16:00 Course length 1.5~2H **October Green Tea Month** 10/09(3) Tea-making skills for a lifetime: packaged tea & water flavor test 10/16(3) Tea making skills for a lifetime: Tieguanyin & water flavor test 10/19(6) Tea making skills for a lifetime: Fragrant alpine oolong & bowling method 10/23(3) Tea-making skills for a lifetime: Fermented oolong & tea flavor test 10/26(6) Tea making skills for a lifetime: roasting oolong & small pot method 10/30(3) Tea making skills for a lifetime: Phoenix single bundle & small pot bubble method **November Black Tea Month** 11/16(6) Tea making skills for a lifetime: ancient tree black tea & small pot method 11/23(6) Tea brewing skills for a lifetime: Ruby black tea & tea flavor test 11/30 (vi) Tips for using tea for a lifetime: Earl Grey & Cover Bowl **"course fee"** Single class 600 yuan Choose 4 yuan for 2000 yuan (please give us a discount code for the private message, you can choose 6 lessons for October in the tea month and 3 lessons for the black tea month in November) **"Teacher presentation"** Tea clerk https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7881/46796104974_ba32af2a5b_o.jpg A tea man who has entered the Chashan from the city, after more than ten years of experience in Chashan, has accumulated from nothing to nothing, and has become a set of tea-making process, so that everyone can learn from simple to deepest. Tea knowledge. -China's senior third-level tea contestant -Chinese senior third-level tea artist - Executive Director of Tea Thinking Tea Industry - Tea thinking full-time tea lecturer - Lugu Township Farmers Association Tea Artist -Professional baker -2011, 2012 Life Tea Party Regional Convener -Children's tea art promotion instructor -Asia Pacific Tea Pottery Institute **"Environmental introduction"** 【Screen Farming Tea Research Institute】Environment Introduction Comfortable class environment, up to 6 small class teaching https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7820/46796106494_6cb961811a_c.jpg



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