Peonies spring ball red envelopes + coaster combination (limited)

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A limited set, sold out. New Year can be involved in the New Year spot red envelope over a thousand ceremonies - optiona


Hwatokki Handmade

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Peonies spring ball red envelopes + coaster combination (limited)


New Year spot red envelope bag full of ceremony - optional table cloth cover -

Let the trees have a good year "environmental awareness" do not cut tree red envelopes, 365 days a year can be used!

New Year's Eve pocket money pack red bags, safe hundred years
New Year's Fortune Temple for gold fortune money package, annual wealth
Year after year to keep the passbook and seal when saving financial package, more than wealth

Can also be used as glasses bag or cell phone bag, selected gold foil Chinese style, weekdays use also beautiful unobtrusive ~

Inside the use of silk satin cloth, notes placed smooth slip of Kaka
Beautiful Chinese knot deduction is to spend two or four years to find the collection of rabbits, stitch in the red bag above the ~

Some friends think the plate buckle elegant and beautiful, but the use of opening and closing less convenient
Therefore, this year's flower rabbit design package is a beautiful plate with a buckle, one is the opening and closing convenience Sihetun!

Coaster for the red bag with the same piece of cloth, a group of two
New Year and a loved one cup of tea, thank each other for the past year's care, the coming year also continue to be happy!

**This piece of cloth real product is really beautiful, is the good idea to spend rabbit, but unfortunately can not shoot it beautiful, sold out of stock Hello!**

Included in the portfolio:
**Plate buckle red bag x1**
**Snap button red bag x1**
**Coaster x2**
There are still flowers and rabbits, as usual, carton packaging and a sweet sweet little blessing little intention

**New Year's goods each piece is only a limited edition, please complete the payment within three days after the order, to facilitate the processing of flowers and rabbits to send the package ~ issue please private information flower rabbit, thank you**

* Size *
Cloth red envelopes about 10 * 18cm
Coaster about 12 * 12cm
Error less than 1 cm

* Material & Wash * Bronzing cloth, silk satin, Chinese knot button, Sihetun deduction, absorbent cotton lining

Dirty dirt immersed in neutral detergent solution, gently squeeze, then rinse with water, do not scrub
After the wash on the towel squeezed dry suction, dry

* Flower rabbit's hand made ˙ love the original intention and a small caution *

Sewing by hand stitch, there may be some imperfections
Each person's screen settings are different, so the real product and the screen display, there may be a slight color depth
Pure hand-made, for the color and workmanship and other requirements perfectionist, please think twice before buying

Hand work and the transmission of love is the original intention to start selling hand-made rabbit's hand, is willing to use the strength of small bean seedlings to make the world a better place
Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan → flower rabbit hand-made studio → flower rabbit's hands


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