Plant dyeing, light red wisteria color, tie dyeing, silk, chiffon, stole

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Plant dyeing, light red wisteria color, tie dyeing, silk, chiffon, stole


Logwood and cochineal, soft and light silk chiffon stole dyed in light reddish mauve. A delicate, feminine atmosphere stall. The width is about 49cm and the length is about 160cm. 35g. As in pale lilac flowers blooming in a garden with a morning fog, they are dyed unevenly so that pale colors scatter throughout. "Natural dye" 100% tie-dye stall. Folded vertically and rolled up twice, easy to use for coat-in. You can decorate the neck of a simple sweater, match a white shirt, or use it for a long season. Atk plant dyeing stalls are hand-dyed one by one. Silk is an animal fiber made to protect silkworm babies. Therefore, it has an anti-UV effect, an antioxidant effect, a moisturizing effect, and a temperature control effect. Take this opportunity to enjoy the silk stall, which has an excellent skin protection effect and is dyed with a vegetable and soft color. At ◇ atk, we usually wrap and deliver the product even when it is shipped. 最適 Ideal for gifts! Gift wrapping is available free of charge. Please contact me by dealings Navi. ◇ Overseas, "International e-Packet" will be sent by post / airmail. ら If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. * Sold at other locations. In the unlikely event that your purchases overlap, we will contact you and give priority to the one with the earliest purchase time. Please understand. ____________________ Width: about 49cm Length: about 160cm Material: Silk Dyes: Logwood, Akane ____________________ Origin / production method Japan / Handmade ◎ Unlike vegetable dyes, plant dyeing may have some "color loss". It takes a little time for the color to settle. If you sweat or if it is not very dirty, wash it with water only. Color gradually calms down. ◎ Light hand washing at home is recommended. When washing at home, please wash alone to prevent color transfer. Shake or push in a mild or warm water (0 to 30 degrees) mixed with "neutral detergent" (fashionable detergent such as Akron Emar). Rinse gently twice, drain with a towel, shape, and shade. (2-3 minutes for the whole journey). ◎ Please avoid washing machine, dryer and bleach. ◎ Avoid wool as it will be felt if it is washed in hot water. ◎ Please apply ironing cloth at medium temperature. ◎ 100% natural dye dyeing on plants will gradually change color even when exposed to sunlight for a long time, citrus juice, sweat, aging, etc. Please enjoy the change of nature. ◎ If you leave it folded for a long time in a bright place, the folded part may get sunburn. When not in use, store in a box or closet where light does not enter. ◎ When storing "wool" and "silk products" for a long period of time, it is safe to store them together with "desiccant" and unscented "insect repellent". (Notes when purchasing) * Due to hand dyeing with "natural dyes", there may be some color unevenness. Please note. * All are made by hand. Please understand that each work has a slightly different color and shape. * Please make sure to check the "size" and "material" of the work before purchasing. * Colors may look different on the screen and the real thing. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us before purchasing.


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The soft and light silk chiffon stall is tie-dyed with logwood and cochineal. It is a stall with a very gentle atmosphere, with pale and delicate plant-dyed colors dyed unevenly throughout.


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