Customized A4 file clipboard wooden writing hard A5 multi-functional small vertical writing wooden board pad board for painting

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ไม้ แฟ้ม - Customized A4 file clipboard wooden writing hard A5 multi-functional small vertical writing wooden board pad board for painting


**Please read carefully before placing an order, thank you for your support!** North American black walnut unique texture Every piece grows naturally It is a gift from nature Long lintel with brass nut design The paper fits snugly and won't curl up Fully functional plank Customized patterns and text can be laser engraved on the wood Suitable for sketching and assisting writing when going out It can also be used as a menu holder for restaurants, coffee shops, bistros, dessert shops, etc. Or a diary photo folder or a memo folder **【idea】** Routine is meaning, let good things nourish our body and mind. CHONGchong is an original brand we founded in 2017. It focuses on the design and production of home furnishings and commercial material customization using solid wood as the main material. It is our simple and simple wish to create useful and beautiful things sincerely. We respect every worker who works with their hands, and combine machines and handwork to make every item. We choose environmentally friendly, natural and sustainable materials, make the best use of them, and be kind to the earth. We use wood wax oil for coating so that both the wood and the user can breathe freely. **Material** Black walnut+ Bronze nut **size** Base: 8x8CM, suitable for large, medium and small sizes Small size: 12x24CM, thickness 7.5mm Medium size: 17x25CM, suitable for A5 paper, thickness 7.5mm Large size: 24*34CM, suitable for A4 paper, thickness 8mm Special instructions: 1/ Large-sized logs are easily deformed. Please avoid drastic changes in dryness and humidity during daily use. 2/ If you need to stand it upright, please take it together with the base. The product does not include paper. **shape** Unpatterned model: without any words or patterns, please choose according to the size you require. Customized models: You can specify your name, company logo or specified pattern. Please contact the designer via the site message. *Please prepare the source files. We do not do logo design and can assist with simple layout. **Customized craftsmanship** Customized graphics and text are all laser printed, the font effect is black, and can be scrubbed without fading. **Things to note** 1/ We provide simple typesetting and free modifications within two times. If more than two times, additional typesetting fees will be charged. 2/ Please confirm the customized graphics and text before placing the order. The production cycle is 3-5 working days. **After-sales** If you find quality problems after receiving the product, please contact the designer within 72 hours after signing for it to solve it for you. Thank you for your tolerance and understanding!!!3229707510.jpg!!3229707510.png!!3229707510.png!!3229707510.png!!3229707510.png!!3229707510.png!!3229707510.jpg!!3229707510.png!!3229707510.jpg!!3229707510.jpg!!3229707510.jpg!!3229707510.jpg


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Fully functional and customizable wooden boards The unique texture and flavor of black walnut wood, each piece grows naturally and is a gift from nature. The long horizontal lintel is equipped with a brass nut design, so the paper fits snugly and will not warp. Suitable for sketching and assisting writing when going out; Menu clips for restaurants, coffee shops, bistros, dessert shops, beauty shops and other personalized shops; Handbook photo folder, memo folder...


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