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Please pay attention to me / Aida - Pre-order, 12/25 start shipping


Happiness is the accumulation of small things, Are you concerned about each other today? Aida graphic creation 630,000 fans like this couple flash recommended When two people enter a stable period, they finally live naturally as family members, but instead of sliding on their mobile phones, working alone and thinking about their own affairs, are they both living in two worlds? In addition to love couples to have love, let down high and low, and occasionally playing naive is absolutely necessary; Quarrels are sometimes a catalyst for emotions, to understand each other better without having to communicate; being the best listener but not used to the other; The most important thing is to focus your time on those who love ... Because let the two continue to walk together, not a destined accidental, But each other's and look closely. Stable and still have love! Smiling couple get along with the story About "jealous" ─ ─ occasionally eat vinegar to the sweet and sour heart, like us in love during the period We respect each other's feelings. Whenever any doubt arises, we patiently explain and let the other party understand the reason and feel at ease because we know it very clearly because we care so much about each other's every move. About Mind Reading ─ ─ What are you thinking, tell me? We often set the other half of the standard of understanding high and unconscious, and also over-expect each other's tacit understanding, that each other should know what I was thinking. This is often the fuse between the two quarrels. About "rely on" ──And suing him is like rubbish, as if the mind was empty The best listener is that even when talking about sad things, he still can make you feel at ease, as if to take it all out and say to him, he will not be a bit disgusted. About "Tease each other" ─ ─ you really annoying (laughs) Dare to open each other jokes, but also know each other's bottom line where not to touch. Feel that the frequency with each other is particularly close, they will not consciously because of each other's happiness and heartfelt laughter. About "Put me in my heart" ─ ─ together is not to put each other in the first place? There are many other people, things and things in addition to you in the other's life. Therefore, he should pay attention to every detail of his life and treasure every heart. About "Concession" ─ ─ did not say the dissatisfaction and difficulties Understand each other's difficulties and mood, speak out, the two sides because of understanding and take the same step, for the sake of each other, and slowly unlock the problem of mental imbalance. About "Hello to you" ─ ─ spoil or love? I do not need his spoiled, do not need him always hold me in the palm of your hand, just hope to love each other and he will be enough. About "important" ─ ─ Qi Ye frowned, denied my idea I do not know how many people in this world, like myself, are constantly trying to get into the sad mood and forget to spend more time with the people who care for us all the time. I hope we can try to leave time to the most beloved people, whether family members or the other half, are more worthy of our treasure. ※ couple daily life plan This book is designed according to the directory, "Couple daily life plan", which provides some small ideas, such as "Thank you for doing one thing for you today," "put down the idol baggage, and each other complained bitter ~" ..., Everyone in the day-to-day get along to maintain emotional heat, let the other know you are. About the Author Aida Full-time graphic writer. Use hand-painted graphic records and the other half of everyday life. Is not a love expert, only hope that by sharing and true story of Qi Ye, to convey some fun and warmth, so that the world of Ziwei and Elk can understand each other to find a way to love fresh and exclusive way to get along. table of Contents Foreword good morning, good night Surprise in the bag Make fun of you is the joy of life This is just an actress Appropriate spoiled Weekend puzzle Do not be a mess Sleeping position secrets How to love jealous Pain without drowsiness The phone is an invisible third party Intimate and grateful No longer polite Quarrel is to get better You can not escape the hypothetical question if I become a ghost A rare favorite time Old tour again haven Assimilated by you Always remember you Instead of saying love you postscript Appendix Machie, thank you for joining our story Origin / manufacturing methods Origin Taiwan


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