[Spring Festival gift] Eustoma Zijun 50-degree angle filter cup natural glaze coffee filter cup orphan product

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[Spring Festival gift] Eustoma Zijun 50-degree angle filter cup natural glaze coffee filter cup orphan product


→Work introduction Natural Glaze Coffee Filter "Eight Features" ☆The angle of the filter cup is narrowed, and the thickness of the powder layer is increased, making the coffee taste more solid. ☆The deep rib design makes the water flow smoother and the extraction more uniform. ☆The opening at the bottom is enlarged, it is not easy to be blocked when brewing coffee, and the delicate aroma is retained. ☆The cup rim is designed to be more convenient to grasp and not slippery. ☆Three specially designed skeletons at the bottom increase the contact area, suitable for various pots or mugs. ☆Conical filter paper is used, the size of the filter cup is between 01 and 02, and it can be washed from 10g to 40g. ☆The packaging box is made of recycled paper, honeycomb paper is used as a buffer material, and the amount of plastic is reduced to zero, which is environmentally friendly and loves the earth. ☆Taiwan Yingge ceramic craftsmen produce locally, quality assurance. VV cafe, Yuanshi coffee, Muzhan coffee, coffee analysis, A LUV bar, Xiaoyu coffee laboratory, etc...Recommended by many famous coffee Youtubers →Award winning introduction In 2021, the products that have passed the trademark authorization of "Yingge Burning" will be certified. Yingge Ware is the "New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum", which guides consumers to understand the certification promoted by high-quality ceramic products. In addition to ensuring that this product is 100% locally produced in Yingge, it is also an independently developed and designed ceramic cultural and creative product. In 2022, it will be certified as a product authorized by the "Taiwan Green Technology" trademark. The "Taiwan Green Craft" brand was created because of the extension of the essence of craftsmanship by the "National Taiwan Technology Research and Development Center". Craftsmanship is born to meet people's needs, and it is also born to carry skills and culture. With people as the axis, technology and creativity are used to develop and expand, and to build "Taiwan Green Crafts" around the spirit of "nature, circulation, balance, tolerance, and vitality" brand. The brand gathers Taiwan's original crafts, recommends Taiwanese crafts to the public through brand selection, integrates craft aesthetics into life and supports the craft industry. The color of Jun kiln is relatively rich, colorful and extremely gorgeous. In the performance of Jun kiln, the colors are mainly rose purple, begonia red, eggplant skin purple, green onion and so on. However, Jun kilns in various shades are loved by lovers and treasured. This product is presented with purple Jun glaze, the white part is the natural kiln transformation phenomenon of Jun porcelain, showing the texture similar to the petals of eustoma, and the flower language of eustoma represents the yearning love, romantic and sentimental. Due to the great changes in firing and various kiln changes, each Eustoma Zijun series filter cup is a unique product, and the quantity is limited and sold out. The product photos have tried to fully present the color of each single product, so it is not possible to apply for a refund or exchange due to color problems. Please evaluate carefully before placing an order! →Work specifications 11.7x11.7x8.2 (LWH) Fired at 1280 degrees Celsius → Precautions for use Because the opening angle of the filter cup is different, when using a conical filter paper, remember to fold a little more →Purchase Notes *The size is measured by hand, and the error may be within 0.5 cm *The work may have some traces in the embryo repair process, because each work is semi-handmade, there will be some individual differences more or less. *During the production process, the glaze may have some unevenness and flow, which is a natural glaze phenomenon, which is also emphasized by natural glaze. Ceramics are inherently natural. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us privately. *The product was shot in a studio, and the light and environment have been adjusted, but no post-production methods have been used. Please refer to the actual product color, which cannot be regarded as a defect. →Design Hall Story Taiwan Yingge's local ceramic studio, the design and production are absolutely rooted in Taiwan, providing beautiful and practical ceramic coffee utensils. A number of Taiwanese masters with decades of experience have integrated traditional pottery craftsmanship with coffee culture, making coffee and beauty a part of life.


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Jun kiln began in the early Northern Song Dynasty. It is a dreamy product among porcelains. Due to the great changes in firing and various kiln changes, each filter cup of the Lisianthus Zijun series is an orphan.


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