French hand-woven rattan basket-classic leather belt

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The intimate version of the classic cowhide walk model has a nylon strap in it You can happily take a wicker basket and wander around without worrying about things falling out.



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French hand-woven rattan basket-classic leather belt


Precautions before buying: Rattan blue is slightly different in size of hand-woven goods Leather is natural leather with natural texture and color We will ship randomly if you do n’t choose Hand-woven goods are different from fine products, they will show natural patterns and characteristics Due to the measurement method, the actual product size will be slightly different Traditional handicrafts cannot be as perfect as fine products, if there is a particularly perfect requester Thank you for your special consideration before purchase Rusting of rattan iron rivets is a natural phenomenon, each one has The rattan baskets are hand-woven, so the shape cannot be completely neat, and each will have irregular endings If you mind, please think twice before placing an order. It is not a defect and will not be returned. -------------------------------------------------- ----------------- Vine blue indispensable in life Sometimes when I go out, sometimes I store my clothes, sometimes I just sit quietly in the corner It ’s the scenery of the home, the slow air that misses Nanfa Carrying a vine blue has a joyful magic There will always be a leisurely style in Southern France unconsciously happy Pack everything you like home I am happy to do shopping in Nanfa every day I say that vine blue is an indispensable fashion equipment in French life I said that it is both beautiful and practical. Why not in Taiwan? I also live and study the environmental protection and romance of the French. The intimate version of the classic cowhide walk model has a nylon strap in it You can happily take a wicker basket and wander around without worrying about things falling out. The design of the drawstring section can increase the safety and privacy in use More convenient is to go for a picnic, commute (place the front space of the locomotive), purchase No need to worry about falling items when the rattan basket falls The shape of the classic cowhide makes daily life very southern. French portable rattan basket classic leather belt Size: upper width 45cm bottom 27cm high 30cm (hand-woven goods, the size is slightly different) Tough vine grass and cowhide handles can bear weight and are very durable The French carried it on the market and used it to decorate their homes Environmentally friendly and practical Daily use of rattan baskets: It is used for shopping, shopping, fruit collection, and home furnishings. If the picnic is dirty, turn the basket upside down and pat lightly in the sun (do not wash with water) Handle the brown color to natural cowhide, occasionally wipe the cowhide with lotion or pour a little natural vegetable oil. Why is there a taste when I receive the rattan basket? Because it is natural cowhide from North Africa Morocco, the cowhide is treated in a natural way without chemical treatment. This is natural leather smell and can be thrown into the basket with citrus peel. Place in a ventilated place to eliminate skin odor. How can I prevent mildew in the family's leather shoes, leather bags, and the French rattan basket I just bought in the continuous and annoying rainy season? 1. There is already an early warning that it will continue to rain, so quickly turn on the dehumidifier at home. If there is no dehumidifier, you can turn on the air conditioner or the electric fan to let the home ventilate. 2. Go to the hardware store to buy charcoal. The charcoal for barbecue can be packed in a container and placed in a wardrobe or corner. The charcoal will have a dehumidifying effect. 3. Uncooked coffee grounds, packed in silk stockings or tea filter bags into a bag, also has a dehumidifying effect. The above points 2 and 3 are usually done. What to do if it is too late to prevent it The hot and humid rainy season is a hotbed of mold, please don't panic if you have mold, please moisten the cloth and wring it dry, or wipe the napkin with water to wipe off the mold. Then wipe it with a clean napkin and spray with alcohol, then hang the vine blue in a ventilated place and dry it with an electric fan. If it still rains continuously, blow it with a hair dryer. Just wait for the sun to go to work in the sun and just sunbathe! ! Do n’t worry about mold growth Share the above experience with everyone Origin / manufacturing methods North Africa Morocco Origin / manufacturing methods Origin / manufacturing methods North Africa Morocco


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