British Centennial London Pictorial Reissue Postcard

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British centenary London pictorial reissue postcard leaflet for sale


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British Centennial London Pictorial Reissue Postcard


Name of Product: British Century London Pictorial Reissue Postcard "London Pictorial" is a weekly magazine published in the United Kingdom a hundred years ago. It is published weekly. No matter it is current affairs, news, folk, pop, art culture, ecology, technology invention, it is also in the weekly magazine. It is also a high society, nobility, gentry. , reading materials that only high intellectuals have. The pictures and pictures recorded in the pictorial are all printed by engravings. It is quite time-consuming to print them one by one and then manually. The shop and the designer carefully selected the content pictures of the out-of-print London Pictorial, and printed them into a piece of postcard, so that these fine and beautiful pictures will be presented to everyone again. There are 16 models that can provide collections, and you can also send texts and missed words to your friends and family. Product desciption: "Noah's Ark" October 28, 1876 At the time, Noah’s Ark became a catchy story for people in London, England. In the picture, you will find all the animals on the planet such as elephants, hippos, flocks, flocks, rabbits, giraffes, etc. The big ships that have been built in Noah have been paired in pairs to ensure the sustainability of life. Artist profile: Heywood Hardy (1842-1933) He is a British painter, especially known for his hunting art works. He is also a sculptor, carving animals, portraits, customs, sports paintings. Hardy left his hometown at the age of 17, earned a living by painting animal paintings, then went to Paris to study under the war artist Pielse, returned to England in 1868, and began to be invited to the countryside for paint portraits, sports paintings and animal studies. Focus on the theme of the type of painting. It was also provided to the London Pictorial to illustrate the illustrations of the news at the time, as well as to produce his paintings. In 1870 Hardy and his family moved to London and were welcomed by artists. During this time, Hardy's career flourished and he was selected as a member of many associations, including the Royal Painters and Sculptors Association, the Royal Oil Painters Association and the Royal Portrait Painters Association. * This design museum is mainly based on old and antique collections. Perfectionism and friends who are accustomed to buying new products, please think twice before placing an order. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us, thank you! I hope that you can fall in love with the beauty of history ^^ Size: 15*10.5cm Each capsule has a transparent envelope Material: paper Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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