One Cut Blucher shoes Burgundy wine red gentleman shoes Derby shoes leather shoes men

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Inspired by the classic round Retro style, and combined with Blucher's classic shoes, the whole piece of leather is used in the production, and it is made in a way close to one cut. There is no unnecessary cutting in one piece, only on the wing and heel. There are stitches at the place; the overall line is full, extending along the foot shape, widening t



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One Cut Blucher shoes Burgundy wine red gentleman shoes Derby shoes leather shoes men

รายละเอียดสินค้า **Simple and elegant upper** There is no complicated decorative design, so that a master who knows the characteristics of leather can show a beautiful color and focus on the production of shoe lines, such as shoemaking techniques such as flapping and repeated beating. **Shoe last line with full contour** The design of the new shoe last does not deliberately emphasize modification, but draws a comfortable curve along the shape of the foot; it also increases the space inside the shoe, reduces the pressure on the sides and the instep, and makes it easy to wear. **Shoe wing integrally formed from inside and outside single piece** Different from the common two-piece upper stitched open shoe wing, it is made close to One Cut. The shoe wing is turned inside out. Only the wing and heel of the whole pair of shoes can see the stitching, which tests the craftsmanship of the master. technology. **Lightweight leather outsole** The lightness and breathability of the leather outsole are as comfortable as stepping on a carpet when worn, and the leather sole will become more and more fit as you wear it, which is worth savoring. **About Blucher Shoes** In the European battlefield of the 19th century, every army encountered the problem of shoes. Boots are the basic equipment of soldiers. However, these boots are not so comfortable to wear, especially when putting on and taking off. It takes a lot of time. However, the most severe test is marching on the wet muddy ground wearing boots. During the Napoleonic Wars (also known as the Battle of Waterloo), after the Prussian officer Blücher came to power, in order to allow the army's brothers to quickly put on and take off their boots, and to be ready for war at any time, Prussia began to redesign the shoes, while taking into account comfort and Easy to put on and take off. So Blücher designed a half boot with two sides of leather stitched on the upper, approximately below the ankle, and the two sides of leather did not extend to the bottom of the shoe, and the average lace hole can be tied by the lace. Adjust the tightness. However, this innovative design will be more widely used in all kinds of shoes in the future. The boots designed by Blücher allow people to have a more comfortable wearing experience. These two shoe wings allow people with wider feet to adjust with the tightness of the shoelaces. name. This is also the original prototype of the open shoe wing.


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