Super cute food series | Ceramic pins

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Super cute food pin! The source of vitality every day~ wear it every day! Don't be in canvas bags, camera bags, jackets, High-pound clothes and hats are very cute!! Cute foodies!!!! Tomorrow's strength~ I will help you prepare!



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Super cute food series | Ceramic pins


**[About super cute food ceramic pin]** Super cute food pin! The source of vitality every day~ wear it every day! Don't be in canvas bags, camera bags, jackets, High-pound clothes and hats are very cute!! [product content]** Super cute food pin 1 into Kraft paper bag **[product specifications]** Material: porcelain clay, hand drawn Hand-painted 〡1230 degree high temperature fired enamel soil Origin: Taiwan's sheep pottery studio pure hand made **Remarks** Because the material is ceramic, the weight is heavier, unlike the softer clothes fabric. There will be a dangling situation, please purchase according to the material of the fabric. / Because it is hand drawn and sprayed, it is not a mass production product. The glaze color will be slightly different for each kiln temperature. Custom production time is also more time-consuming, please forgive me. But we will do our best to draw, such as unacceptable friends, Please pay attention to us before placing an order, thank you for your support. __For full custom welcome**Station letter**喔!__ Ceramic pin photo Don't be in the thick canvas camera bag really cute! **【Characteristics of Yangtao 1230 Degree Handmade Ceramics】** 1. All the custom products and experience works of Yangtao are high-temperature ceramics____1230 degree high temperature glaze. 2. All the custom products and experience works of__,__are pure hand-painted (underglaze)__made, not using ceramic stickers! **【羊陶小知识长姿Q&A 】** Q: What is high temperature ceramics? A: refers to porcelain that has been fired over 1200 degrees. Because the higher the temperature, the higher the crystal density of the glaze and the higher the strength. It is not easy to produce scratches, and the color is "white" and does not yellow. **High temperature ceramics have the following features and benefits**: 1. Temperature: high temperature porcelain firing temperature is above 1200 degrees 2, color: high temperature porcelain color is fuller, delicate, crystal 3, feel: high temperature porcelain smooth, delicate 4, the sound: high temperature porcelain sound is bright and crisp 5, texture: high temperature porcelain hardness is stronger 6. Water absorption rate: the water absorption rate of high temperature ceramics is less than 0.2%. __Easy to clean, does not absorb odor, and does not crack the glaze.__ Q: What is underglaze? A: Underglaze, also known as "Li Paint", is the main decorative painting process of porcelain. The color material should be directly painted on the formed blank, and then the colorless transparent glaze is applied. Finally, the kiln is fired at a temperature of 1200 degrees or higher. **Underglaze features and advantages** 1. The color drawing will be protected by the transparent glaze, avoiding the scratch on the cleaning surface and not fading. 2, strict process requirements, the firing temperature of the underglaze color is generally around 1200 ° C to 1250 ° C to achieve the desired effect, and the above high temperature ceramic firing good orientation! Yangtao inherits the love of Tao Mingfang's teacher Wang Mingrong for 40 years, and integrates traditional ceramics and cultural creativity to continue to promote hand-painted ceramics. Origin / production method Taiwan Pingtung Yangtao Studio Pure Handmade


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