Source of inspiration from van Gogh

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Source of inspiration from van Gogh .. The strong and simple river will harvest the harvested grain wheat into the river.



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Source of inspiration from van Gogh


Source of inspiration from van Gogh .. The strong and simple river will harvest the harvested grain wheat into the river. Material Introduction: *Based on plant fiber, using papermaking technology to transform fiber into pulp type, using artificial artificial sculpture modeling, after natural air drying to shape, surface coating, surface outer layer for waterproof treatment, plant The fiber has a special original ecological surface, showing a rustic and elegant taste. Using plant fibers as the base and papermaking technology, the fibers can be transformed into pulp forms.Using the method of artificial sculpture, the sculpture is shaped by natural drying. The surface coating is colored, the outer layer is waterproof, and the vegetable fibers Have the properties of water-proofing. The special primitive ecological surface shows the elegance of simplicity and refinement. Has a very light quality (accessories are not sold on this page) - Material / Plant Fiber / Freshwater Pearl / Brass / Gold Plated / 18K Gold Ears, Copper Plated Ear Clips - size (widest) / length 5cm / width 4.5cm -Customized wearing / metal spiral ear clips (with ear pads) / silicone ear clips / ear pins (please note if ordering, no uniform, uniform ear pin shipment) -Packaging/response to environmental protection, brand simple style shipping, shipping labeling date and series, classic collection (please inform beforehand) - sold in pairs -Made in Taiwan - Shipping time / Eudora is an independent studio, currently a small number of orders with the order, so the order is 10 days after the successful completion of the production schedule (excluding holidays), if there are special needs, please inform the discussion in advance, thank you for your support! - Precautions before shopping *The main body of the product is plant fiber. Due to the irregularity of the surface texture of the fiber, it is a normal phenomenon. It is one of its characteristics. It is asymmetrical and has a small difference between the top and bottom. Purchase! *The product structure is original design, some types can be rotated without fixing the flexible space that the designer wants to give, giving the smart ingenuity. *Pearl, natural stone and semi-precious stones are all natural materials. Each is a unique natural flavor. Its color, depth, shape and size will be different. At the same time, the designer will consider the beauty and choose the production. * Plant fiber non-metal material, entity to pigment and protective paint is environmentally friendly material, friendly to the human body, and also has waterproof protection. After a long time of use, the color becomes darker and the deep bronze and ancient silver are normal changes, or the color change is more than half a year. It is light to use normal phenomenon. After all, non-metal plating, the recipient will place an order again, but it has a sense of time and charm. It is recommended to use a wet cotton swab to gently wipe the surface and then dry and store it. * If other metal components are oxidized, use silver cloth, copper oil to wipe and maintain, and place the box inside the dry collection. * The finished product is within a reasonable range of 3mm. The color and finished product should be the same as the actual product 100% due to the shooting light and screen. Please understand. *Please agree to the order of all the products, because each process is complicated and wearable for the customer. In addition to receiving the goods, the rest will not provide return service! * Any product questions before purchase are welcome to discuss, thank you for your support!


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