"Space Lace" Silver lace carved necklace / sterling silver mash ball plated luster gold pendant

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"Space Lace" Silver lace carved necklace / sterling silver mash ball plated luster gold pendant


***About the product*** "Space Lace" Silver lace carved necklace / sterling silver mash ball plated luster gold pendant / 14KGF Chain ***Commodity specification*** ~ Material Zircon Round silver gilt lace processing 14KGF necklace ~ Size Necklace total length 40cm + pendant head 1.0cm * 1.0cm ***Note*** A. goods are all taken in kind, because different computer screen per tone, it is inevitable some color, please note that the size of goods, mainly in kind. B. every single gem can not be exactly the same shape and size, there are more natural texture of natural stone with the hole fine ore shortage is normal to accept these conditions prevail in real goods to buy Oh ***Use and Maintenance*** 14K gold is the next layer of 14K permanent high pressure and temperature in combination with copper or other metal base layer, use good ductility of pure gold, the gold layer and permanently joined together mesoderm Features: Durable, gold last a lifetime, and almost no pure gold K, respectively. Quality comparable to high-quality gold-real gold jewelry, and the price is much cheaper than real gold. Proper use and good maintenance can be a long time does not fade, we do not promise this will never fade ~ About Maintenance And other jewelry, as you cherish it and it will go to it's a beautiful reward you, this kind of jewelry do not need to use very expensive maintenance water for maintenance, as long as avoid acid-base and humid environment it. 1, bathing, washing, not wearing a lot of sweating, dry cloth before storing applications. 2, do not touch chemicals, aroma bathing, swimming in chlorine, the salt sea water will cause some corrosion of jewelry, so before bathing or swimming should all removable accessories. 3. Collision easy to rub flower store to be careful not to overlap with the jewelry. 4, to reduce contact with air, avoid deep oxidation, do not wear should be stored in a bag or placed in jewelry box. 5, from time to time to clean jewelry, use silver cleaning cloth or soft brush to gently wipe the toothpaste foam brush to sweep rub jewelry surface, and then wipe clean with a soft cloth. ***Brand Story*** One n Only from the design and freedom-loving and passionate travel sisters and binding. Sister popular jewelry design study to learn the basic metalworking skills, also after graduation as a foreign company as a jewelry designer and lived in Anglo ten years; favorite European and American women's self-confidence fashion aesthetics. Sister love freedom and travel in each shelter has in-depth experience of local life and culture. Favorite service groups, which accumulated a lot of experience in customer service and attitude. One n Only the design is every strike sparks produced works like sisters personalized experience many cultural life accumulate presented One n Only the original personality fashion jewelry. One n Only hand-made jewelry love using light from the world of nature, the essence of the creative and attention to every detail by hand, into every work, breeds original light accessories; designer for color has a unique color techniques for not too much use of creative modification, based on 100% of our love and passion for the work performance of One n Only the most natural state of both fashion freshness and beauty of color, use of color and precious stones to enhance a woman with the most beautiful and unique and confident style of energy . Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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