-- la-joie -- Exotic Composite + Turkish Stone // Natural Stone X Bracelet ///

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■ ■ ■ Exotic Turkish Cuisine ■ ■ ■ Exotic Turkey, thick colors imagine space ~.



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-- la-joie -- Exotic Composite + Turkish Stone // Natural Stone X Bracelet ///


■ ■ ■ Exotic Turkish Cuisine ■ ■ ■ Exotic Turkey, thick colors imagine space ~. ))) la-joie Small feedback ((( Bracelet will be provided with a small tag that can be typed after lengthening. "A~Z" "0~9" "&" (1.5mm) (If there is a printing requirement, please remember to choose the printing character when ordering.) Note ★ ~ (see la-joie remarks section) Note ★★ ~ (See la-joie remarks section) - - Material - - Natural stone, brass. - - Visual Texture - - Turkish stone (turquoise). {la-joie} Exotic Peas + Turkish Stones https://www.pinkoi.com/product/x5jsjfuX?category=2 https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/04/56/10/04561015c4405e9f17419df7dd93a347.jpg {la-joie} Exotic Composite + Turkish Stone https://www.pinkoi.com/product/xjKqVCiA?category=2 https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/b9/93/ea/b993ea904577bf95d6eef785dcfc3f34.jpg {la-joie } Exotic Cruise + Turkish Stone https://www.pinkoi.com/product/i7QNZzn6?category=2 https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/a6/54/cd/a654cd05d653c27ccef10336322c04a8.jpg - - Size - - Bracelet length: The finest part of the hand can be measured with a thin cotton thread or a tape measure, and you can turn around with your hand (please use centimeters as the unit). La-joie will provide a comfortable wearing length with this hand. (If you can't be sure, please contact us with la-joie.) Note ★★★ ~ (See la-joie remarks section) - - Cleaning and Maintenance - - ■ When brass is worn, it will contact the body's sweat or skin care products and contact with the air, which will make the brass oxidized and at the same time the gloss will be reduced. At this time, you can use the copper cloth provided by la-joie. Gently rub the surface (you can use baby oil to increase the surface luster); If the oxidation is severe, you can dilute the baking soda powder or take the toothpaste as a cleaning action. As the buckle head and the lengthened part are electroplated, it is not recommended to wear a bath, hot springs and normal water contact. ■ If the natural stone is contaminated, use a cotton swab dipped in water and wipe gently. ■ It is recommended that the usual collection can be placed in the clip bag provided by la-joie to keep it dry and slow the fading of the brass. - - Packaging Materials - - Box & delicate clip chain bag & wipe copper cloth. ))) la-joie doing environmental protection ((( If you need bag gift, please add in the remarks column. ---**la-joie Reminder**--- ■ The color of the product image file will differ slightly depending on the computer screen settings. The actual product color shall prevail. If there is an impact on shopping needs, please let us know in writing. Thank you. Natural stone will produce different luster due to light, so it is not easy to photograph the original taste of the stone. Usually the color of the real product will be better than the color seen on the product photo. ■ With la-joie, each item is unique, creating your exclusive taste! ■ Natural stones are different in terms of their growth conditions from mining veins, cutting materials, and other materials. They cannot have uniform specifications in terms of color, texture, crystallinity, and appearance dimensions. Common microlithic patterns are also one of the characteristics of natural stone and the most primitive of nature. Texture ~! ■ If you receive a new product (non-natural), please send the original packaging back within 7 days, la-joie will replace the new product as soon as possible. ■ la-joie has the right to accept orders or not. (Avoid credit card fraud, brush) ---**la-joie Remarks bar**--- Note ★ ~ la-joie also provides "Japanese elastic silk thread" replacement service, allowing customers to have more choices. (Must adjust according to style) Note ★★ ~ If you choose "Japan Elastic Silk Line", there will be no longer lengthening chain and knocking service. Please confirm and change. Thank you. Note ★ ★ ★ ~ The bracelet itself is inelastic, la-joie will provide 3 cm plus a long training at the end of the chain to increase the size of the adjustment space. Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan / la-joie Looks


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