Sudden Retro Moon High-end Wool Coat Blazer Cool Unisex British Imported Fabric

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Sudden Retro Moon High-end Wool Coat Blazer Cool Unisex British Imported Fabric

รายละเอียดสินค้า!!18008920.jpg England imports national treasure ABRAHAM MOON!!18008920.jpg There is really too much to say about this Moon suit Listen to me Let me introduce you to the brand first (please turn to Almighty Du Niang) Back in time to 1837, During the succession of Queen Victoria in more than 180 years, A wool fabric factory called "ABRAHAM MOON" was quietly born, It has long influenced British royal clothing. abraham moon, from the famous and low-key top-level wool fabric merchant, It is also one of the few hundred-year-old companies in the UK. From dyeing, spinning, weaving and finishing The color ratio of all flowers is very particular. From the source, comfortable wool is selected from natural spring water 800 meters deep. Rare and precious soft water texture, giving moon a soft texture The style of the fabric is broad and straightforward, and the ready-made clothing is rich in hair and thickness, and three-dimensional. Combined practicality / wear resistance / warmth bur, BV, celine and other brands are very passionate about using Moon fabrics Moon's fabric has tangled me from this fall to the present Finally put it on the shelves because the fabric is really expensive I'm not sure if everyone will like this thick rough flower It ’s all done with the selfishness you want to have I had a long discussion with my studio friends Tangled in many natural cards At first I wanted to use a plaid or a more special color But later I chose the dark coffee herringbone Heritage series. It looks less difficult to control and it is very easy to match At the same time, the lining also uses the Japanese Bemba copper spandex lining for a smooth feel. The accessory is also a super natural texture horn buckle, which can be retro, daily, neutral, and elegant.!!18008920.jpg About layout This version borrows from a suit that my mother brought back from Japan more than 30 years ago Slightly narrow men's sleeves with wide shoulders It looks feminine but has a bit of neutral taste No extra complicated design, just add a delicate horn buckle on the placket Good fabrics with good version wear 10,000 years Orders are too late for direct mail from the UK (usually one and a half months) Fabric is asked by Hong Kong trading company to buy Only original packaging on large rolls of fabric There is no fabric label for mailing a single piece of clothing So I regret that the original standard cannot be sewn on the clothes But it is definitely 100% original Moon (If it is Jia, I would like to eat all the ingredients) When you receive it, you can feel that Moon is different from other domestic flowers. First year as Moon Also a lovely price for you The texture of the fabric is not particularly thick 100% wool but it is not easy to wrinkle Belong to thin style Fortunately, this year, friends who are in the north of the warm winter may want to wear it in early spring. In this way, Top-grade fabrics are not judged by price. I also hope that everyone can cherish a lifetime and buy and cherish!!18008920.jpg!!18008920.jpg!!18008920.jpg!!18008920.jpg!!18008920.jpg!!18008920.jpg


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No extra complicated design, just add a delicate horn buckle on the placket Good fabrics with good version wear 10,000 years


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