Illustration Fragrance Hand Cream / Red and Black / Let it go (Grapefruit/Perfume Lily)

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"Upholding the three simple propositions, using simple raw materials, Protect your hands and protect the environment, Added natural nut oil, Easily absorbed to ensure moisture. It has a fragrance, without paraben preservatives and alcohol. Let the fragrance accompany you who likes simplicity. ▼There are also large single fragrances, body lotions and min


Simple Life Laboratory

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Illustration Fragrance Hand Cream / Red and Black / Let it go (Grapefruit/Perfume Lily)


Illustration design: Let It Go Illustration creators: Zhang Hao Wen " Fragrance: grapefruit + perfume lily Any loss is extremely sour and even bitter at the beginning. However, once you know how to put it down, the rich floral fragrance is a symbol of maturity. ▼There are also large single fragrances, hand creams and mini blends of the same fragrance in the museum▼ Big single incense Body milk Mini Mixing Group With the contrast of red and black, six wonderful story illustrations are interwoven, Give six more scents suitable for hand application, Accompany you in the daily hand guards, Look at the nuances of life from a romantic perspective. You have your taste! Simple Life Lab- Brain science tells us that smell is directly connected to the perceptual brain, the limbic system, In charge of sensibility and emotional perception, it is the only sense in the five senses that is not controlled by the brain. The intuition of smell echoes emotions and emotions, and each fragrance represents a uniqueness of those who love him. We encourage women to scent, it is through the scent "low-key expression". To express who I am, my emotions, and my emotions is to express my uniqueness and my choice. Brand Positioning- [SLL Simple Life Laboratory], established in 2015, is positioned as a "personal portable fragrance" brand. We treat life as a petri dish, and a product proposal as an experiment, Continue to accompany women who learn to love themselves, and find their own uniqueness through fragrance. We advocate "scent is a low-key expression". Keep trying, find your simple life! Six reasons to choose SLL solid perfume (balm)- 1. Use wipes instead of sprays to easily control the intensity of the fragrance. 2. It is easy to carry and tonic. 3. It evaporates through body temperature, and the fragrance is elegant and does not disturb. 4. No alcohol content, not to worry about allergies. 5. No preservatives added 6. The ingredient contains natural beeswax, which can moisturize at the same time when the fragrance is added. SLL product features- The scent is indescribable, but it is very individual! Therefore, [SLL Simple Life Lab] Since its establishment, Each scented product is cooperating with cutting-edge illustration creators in Taiwan, Express the characteristics of each fragrance through the situational stories in the illustrations. We hope to accompany every woman to find her own taste, Every different moment can be unique!


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