HOFFE coffee accompanying bag 09A bean list (acquired: 09/10 shipped: 09/18)

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16g x 20
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  • ถูกชม 9,234 ครั้ง
  • จำหน่ายไปแล้ว 299 ชิ้น
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Select the large-scale raw bean maker's seasonal coffee green beans, concentrate on the receipt, unified baking, see fresh! A free shipping fee of 580, 21 packs and 4-5 kinds of fine coffee, super discount price, but a variety of enjoyment! With HOFFE



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HOFFE coffee accompanying bag 09A bean list (acquired: 09/10 shipped: 09/18)


https://youtu.be/JiJ8uEfFsyg HOFFE COFFEE coffee accompanying package content announcement: ------------------------------------------------ 1. 18th new season (light baking) of Chaka Manor The flavor is almost the same as the gold standard. It is highly recommended! The coffee has a delicate floral and tropical fruit flavor. When drinking, there is the sweetness and delicate acidity of the peach and the Kyoho grape, followed by the violet and the frangipani to fill your nose. The sweet fruit aroma is constantly distributed in the mouth, and the overall flavor is solid and elegant, which is worth savoring. 2. New Oriental Producing Area, wine, back, wine, incense and sun exposure (shallow baking) The rich flavor of the wine, the sweet and sour sensation of citrus and pineapple emerges as soon as it enters the throat, accompanied by the sweetness of dark chocolate, and finally ends with a wine-like finish! 3. Yega Washed Corsa Reina Oona / Wind Valley G1 (Shallow Baking) The dry coffee can feel the sour and sweetness of the delicate bergamot and orange peel. The entrance is also the main tone, with jasmine and orange blossom and black tea aroma, the end of citric acid, the overall flavor is elegant and meticulous, sweet and charming, level changeable. 4. Suspilo Manor Orange Bourbon Seed Washing Micro Batch (Shallow Medium Baking) The orange bourbon is a rare variant of the waveside. Generally, the coffee fruit is red after ripening. When the coffee cherry next to the orange wave is ripe, the berry shines with orange luster, with citrus aroma, cream and caramel sweetness. The entrance has a rich vanilla flavor. 5. Kenya Cuame AA TOP (Chinese baking) The farm soil is red volcanic soil, the varieties are SL34 and SL28, and the production area is located near the excellent equator. After the coffee is washed, it is directly placed on the scaffold for drying, and the soft and sour fragrance of red currant and green plum is distributed. The body is round and round. Back to Gan, meticulously good! 6. Sumatra Krystal Valley honey treatment (medium deep baking) The coffee is ground to lime, citrus, herbs and spices. The citrus, grapefruit, blackberry and berry flavors are displayed in the mouth, accompanied by herbs, honey and soft floral notes. The finish is cedar and spice, the texture is smooth and sweet, and the layering is rich. 7. Santa Felisa Manor Red Pacamara Sunshine (shallow baking) One of Guatemala's well-known production areas, the unique red Pakamara sun-dried fungus is symbiotically planted with a flavor of toffee with a refreshing wine, blackcurrant and dark berries. The overall flavor is solid and full 8. PNG Butterfly Dance Manor Washing Treatment AA (Chinese Baking) Produced in Papua New Guinea, Tibica, the coffee is refreshing and delicate, with a strong sweet honey flavor, the entrance is smooth and smooth, with citrus, apple fruit acid filling the entire mouth, and the blue mountain coffee-like aftertaste is long, slightly Back to Gan. **(small amount) means not accepting customers and half a pound** (1). Comprehensive coffee accompanying bag 16g full amount (different from the 10g / bag in the workshop), a 20 pack (no box), free to match beans (not optional) plus 1 package, a total of 21 bags ! (2). You can also choose up to 4 different coffee accompanying packages (5 packs per unit). Please note on the order (the overweight part cannot be selected) (3). Uniform baking is completed, sent out after grinding and packaging! Ensure the freshness of each batch of coffee accompanying bags! (4). Each batch of selected bean content will be changed according to the stock, HOFFE COFFEE reserves the right to change Origin / manufacturing methods Place of Origin: Taiwan / Manufacturing Method: Handmade Baking


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