[Gorilla] ultra-saving small metal scissors straight cut

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Made in Taiwan's top factory, the quality of European and American fine hand tools, made of special chrome-molybdenum alloy steel made of China Steel! You can't miss the short distance tin scissors!



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[Gorilla] ultra-saving small metal scissors straight cut


**Made in Taiwan's top factory, the quality of European and American fine hand tools, made of special chrome-molybdenum alloy steel made of China Steel! You can't miss the short distance tin scissors!** **Durable and effortless design that advocates aesthetics** **Gray and black gentleman texture** Gorilla's appearance in the tool, I hope that when you use it in your hand, the feeling that others see is very tangible. Therefore, the color and shape of the tool should be textured. The excellent shape of the Gorilla metal scissors makes your tools unique when you put them on the table or when you use them. **Ultra-saving iron sheet scissors torque design** The special aviation scissors (Aviation snip) saves effort and saves effort, so that you can easily cut the thickness that ordinary metal scissors can't cut when cutting metal plates. It has excellent labor-saving effect and can get twice the result with half the effort. **Powerful straight cut design** The straight cut design is mainly used for short-distance metal cutting, with a 2.5mm blade length, allowing you to trim the metal and cut off short distances. **Top Sinosteel special research and development material** **Special steel top chrome molybdenum alloy steel** Special cooperation with Taiwan's Sinosteel, using the top chrome-molybdenum alloy steel specially designed for metal scissors. High-quality steel can achieve the sharpness and durability that ordinary steel can't achieve. It is not comparable to ordinary cheap steel. The test! **Non-toxic and durable handle** The special handle is environmentally friendly non-toxic TPR (thermoplastic rubber) material, in line with EU REACH environmental protection regulations, through 191 poison detection, advanced metal scissors made in Europe and America, to ensure non-toxic to the human body, comfortable elastic material and special design of the grip, not only operation It is not easy to slip off, and it can slow down the fatigue of long-term use of the palm. **Top hand tool manufacturing technology adoption** **40 years of experience in making the world's top scissors** The durability of the scissors depends on the steel. The degree of sharpness depends on the processing technology. Gorilla uses the world's top scissors making technology, which will be used to make advanced heat treatment technology for tailoring bulletproof vests. It is used on Gorilla's metal scissors to make the metal scissors more durable. sharp. **The world's top processing technology** The Gorilla iron scissors edge uses a special high-frequency heat treatment technology to increase its hardness and durability. The cutting edge hardness is up to HRC60-62. With precision punching technology and top-level grinding technology, it creates a sharp and durable iron sheet. Scissors, the sharpness of the cut is an effect that is difficult to achieve in the same product in the industry. **Unbelievable strong cutting ability** **Straight shear scissors edge design** Special straight cut design, 2.5mm cutting range allows you to make it easier to cut short-distance metal pieces, tailoring ability to meet and exceed US ANSI/ASME standards (B107.16-1998) and German DIN standard 6438/11.71 It can be used to cut light steel frames, wave plates, tin cans or metal sheets and iron boxes. Ability to cut sheet metal (thickness) Stainless steel plate (white iron plate) ) below 0.8mm Aluminum-magnesium alloy plate (not heat treated) 1mm or less Aluminum plate (not heat treated) below 1.22mm Red copper plate (not heat treated) 1.22mm or less Brass plate (not heat treated) 1.22mm or less Cold rolled steel plate below 1.22mm **Quick start and lock with one hand** **Allows you to lock the design smoothly** The design of Gorilla metal scissors is concerned with the need to switch the metal scissors frequently, so the design can be quickly locked and opened with one hand, which makes it easier to work, ergonomic design, and unexpectedly let You are refreshed. **Durable top spring** The springs of Gorilla Iron Scissors are high-grade springs that are durable and resistant to damage. The product is guaranteed for three years, so you don't have to worry about damage caused by overuse, that is, it can last for a long time. **Special Design** **Special raised design of the handle spacer** Different from the common metal scissors on the market, the handle is more intimate with a special raised design, so that even if you cut the iron piece hard, it will not be damaged due to excessive force. **Original factory direct sales warranty most peace of mind** Gorilla adopts the original direct selling method, so you don't have to worry about the risk of damage when purchasing high-quality hand tools. If there is any damage within the next three years of normal use, you can enjoy free repair service or send it back to the company. Easily accept the most original factory services. **Precautions** ★ Do not touch the blade directly to avoid cuts. This product is strictly forbidden for children under 6 years old. ★Scissors products, some anti-rust oil will adhere to the product when opening, just wipe it off with a paper towel or a dry cloth. ★ If you encounter an item that cannot be cut, do not use excessive force on the scissors to cut it, which may damage the blade.


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