Dog custom order area | Wool felt space ball Please use this page to ask the designer

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Customization Please prepare the photo message designer's evaluation of front, back, left and right angles.



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Dog custom order area | Wool felt space ball Please use this page to ask the designer


# 送礼 # Wool felt key ring [This section will come with a transparent ball to protect the wool felt for a longer time.] *⚠️Customers please do not directly bid, they will evaluate the number of days completed, please use the message to communicate details, and will set up an exclusive store! Thank you* ⚠️*Please be sure to read the description of the product for customization. If you agree to the order, you agree to the appearance, thank you* [Precautions for making wool felt] Every piece of work is constantly crafted in detail Especially the high-fidelity version is time-consuming and labor-intensive. My works are made of top Australian wool (the high-fidelity series will use high-end hair planting). We will not accept bargaining. *The wool felt works are all handmade. There is no guarantee that they will be exactly the same as the photos. Each one will have a slight gap. This is the uniqueness of the hand work. You can contact me for any production communication. Glad you like my work.* * Custom production process: 1. Prepare photos (Make head) please provide front / side / behind ear photos (Make whole) Please provide front / back / side / side / ear / tail photos of the face [Photos need to be fine-tuned without color change, indoor yellow light will have high color difference, please note] 2. Details and style communication * Selected version, Q version / Q version doll / high fidelity wool felt frame / high fidelity whole (high fidelity only from 10,000 yuan) * Requirement communication * Notify size 3. * Custom valuation 👉Customized evaluation based on photos, please select the version you want to make and then quote for you. or 有 You have the budget to help you evaluate the recommended version. 作品 All works are made of top Australian wool (high-fidelity series will use hair-planting). Bargaining is not accepted. 4. Order payment 👉Estimated days to complete 开始 After the payment is completed, the production of the order form is started, and it cannot be changed after the production is started. ------------------------------------------ [About Rong Crafts] Rong Craft hand drawn | Fiber Artist The products are unique handmade and handmade by designers ------------------------------------------ Notes on placing an order ⚠️① The hand-painted style is designed by the designer. Please choose the perfectionist carefully. If you like my style, please order it 呦. ⚠️② Customized goods are not applicable to the seventeen-day hesitation period of the Consumer Protection Law. Please confirm your needs before placing an order. ⚠️③ The portrait series is not drawn (because canvas is not suitable for production). ⚠️④🔺Customized price: According to the size of the pattern you want to draw, if you want the price on the webpage directly, there is a fixed common point, please ask the designer of private message to make the price on the webpage for you. ⚠️🔺⑤ Purely hand-painted, hand-made original design, the production time required is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and professional skills and color matching are required to complete the production. All the works are unique. There is only one, and the second one cannot be found. It is within the reasonable range of manual creation. In order to respect the original design of the designer, we do not accept bargaining. If you like my work, please place an order. Thank you! ⚠️⑥ After the order is paid, the production will start, and it will be sent according to the production days. ! ️General custom service completion workday 🔸Pure hand-painted series: 5 ~ 7 working days (⚠️ does not include 6 days holiday). 🔸Semi-dimensional wool felt: 15-20 working days (⚠️ does not include 6-day holiday). 🔸Three-dimensional wool felt frame: 20-30 working days (⚠️ does not include 6 days holiday). ⚠️⑦ The price on the webpage is the price of the items directly purchased on the webpage. For customized services, please send a photo message first to communicate. A separate quotation will be opened to place an order. Do not directly bid. 排 The order is made according to the order of the order, please use the message to ask the completion date of the order. Urgent orders will be charged separately for urgent orders. You need to ask the designer if you can arrange urgent orders. -------------------------------------------------- ----- Customized | Birthday Gifts | Memorial Gifts | Pet Series Custom x hand painted x hand made x wool felt One stroke at a time draws uniqueness and three-dimensionality by hand-drawn design. Do you like such hand-drawn temperature? !! Rong Craft Sales Project: 🐾🏆Hand-painted series: purely hand-painted, the colors are all self-adjusted. I want to make my work feel warm, realistic and three-dimensional. The uniqueness is not outside, so I insist on pure hand-painting. It is different from the general printing products. The hand-painted canvas series is painted with waterproof paint. The color is more vivid. 🐾🏆Wool felt embroidery: Made of 100% Australian wool, using line and line needle felt technology to make the work look three-dimensional. 🐾🏆Q version wool felt key ring: It is made of 100% Australian wool and is repeatedly refined using needle felt technology. 🐾🏆Three-dimensional wool felt needle felt technology: using 100% wool, needle felt planting technology and finishing technology, wool felt work is tedious and time-consuming.


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