Polygonum convolvulus gall powder

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The fruit powder of Polygonum convolvulus is rich in alkaloids (polygonolide, kiwifruit, β-phenethyl alcohol). It can help cats: relax mood / improve appetite / make cats happy snoring ~



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Polygonum convolvulus gall powder


🔔Purchase reminder: Because scratches cannot be avoided during the production of the aluminum cover, we have removed most of the deeper scratched aluminum covers. If you can accept fine scratches, then buy it, thank you 🙇‍♂🙇‍♀ Polygonum convolvulus gall powder Contains rich alkaloids (Ligustilide, kiwifruit, β-phenylethanol) Can help cats: Relax mood / increase appetite / make the cat happy grunting feature of product: ● German professional pesticide testing, 373 items were not detected ● Two sterilization processes, E. coli (group) were not detected ● Self-published inspection report allows you to feel at ease ● 100% insect gall fruit, fast drying, grinding fine powder, exuding rich aroma Advantages compared to commercially available fruits: ● The powder will not cause dangerous situations such as accidental ingestion and choking ● You need to use one fruit at a time, which is a waste of dosage ● The fruit shape is moist and cannot be reused after being bitten by the cat ● Powder usage is easy to grasp, more hygienic ● Powder is more intensive than fruit ※ Kim Tenri ’s Knowledge ※ ■ What is Mu Tian Li? Polygonum is a plant that grows in mountain forests in Northeast Asia. The entire plant (branches, leaves, fruits) is rich in natural alkaloids, which can help cats relax and increase appetite. ■ Differences between "Moutus Polygonum fruit" and "Mutum Polygonum gall fruit" "M. tenuifolia fruit" is the fruit of M. tenuifolia that develops normally, and "M. tenuifolia gall fruit" is the fruit of M. tenuifolia that was bitten and laid by an insect named M. tenifolia. The type and composition have changed, and many people simply refer to it as "carp gall fruit." And this kind of gall disease is very common in nature, like the love jade we often eat in summer, it must also go through the process of gall galls to produce it! "Mutia tenuis gall fruit" has a higher concentration of alkaloids than "Mutia tenuis fruit", and also the highest concentration of alkaloids in all the series of Mitsubishi polysaccharides. The higher the alkaloid concentration, the more cats like it ~ ingredient: 100% Mudweed fruit powder How to use: Use once every 1-2 weeks, about 2 ~ 3 spoons each time. It is easy for cats to diminish their response to repeated use. Can be used directly / mixed with dry and wet food / sprinkled in water Suitable: Cats over six months old or estrus, but a few cats will not have a special reaction. Do not use pregnant cats Content volume / shelf life / place of origin: 35g / 30 months / Taiwan [The pesticide and E. coli group tests are disclosed independently, and the test results are not detected, so that you can use it with peace of mind and the cat can eat happily! 】


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