Button Out of Print Magic Collection Earrings-Hypnosis

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Button Body | Alloy Gold Plated Button Imitation Bead Design


Wumingshi Studio

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Button Out of Print Magic Collection Earrings-Hypnosis


**∎ Magic Series** Swirls, curves, enamel and pearls, It's like appearing from a fairy tale Contour lines with magic charm; Welcome to the fantasy world of magic buttons. **[Button body size]** Length 1.7 | Width 1.8 (Unit cm) - **[Product Information]** -Pearl and Rhinestone- The pearl part is an early artificial imitation pearl, The rhinestones are certified Austrian. Pin Ear Needle Type | Anti-allergy 925 Silver Needle **The magic series all use silver needles to make earrings.** **We can also provide medical steel needles to inquire.** https://farm1.staticflickr.com/969/42338167281_944a528bd6.jpg Clip type Ear clip material | Pure copper gold plating Types of ear clips | Picture left-Spiral adjustable ear clips Ear clip size | length 1.5 × width 1.3 Spiral ear clips are more durable and can be adjusted freely. https://farm1.staticflickr.com/901/27468558607_668639019f.jpg **【 Product packaging】** The green box in the product photo is a personal collection item; Not sold separately. -standard packaging- Ornaments are individually packed or attached to zippered pockets. Magic series will be accompanied by a special jewelry box, The outer box is protected by a black carton and decorated with ribbons. If you purchase multiple items at the same time, In order to respond to environmental protection, they are all packed in the same box. If you want to pack separately for gifts or other needs, Please purchase additional packaging at the link below. https://farm1.staticflickr.com/951/42338168351_5484efb5a2.jpg Packaging plus purchase link: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/MMQjEiRZ?category=2 -Streamlined packaging- Do our part to protect the environment, When purchasing, please fill in the "Use of reduced packaging" in the remarks. Magic series of compact packaging will be accompanied by a special storage jewelry box, Protect the shipping process with a small pressure-resistant carton. **[Use and maintenance methods]** Do not expose to the sun for a long time Ear pins can be wiped with alcohol The button part can be wiped with a dry cloth It is recommended to remove the earrings while bathing and sleeping **【 Precautions】** - Antique new buttons are unique They were carefully selected by the little tailor himself. And the button body has been organized - Products are antique new buttons and handmade We will try to make the rework marks less visible in the manual part (Remanufactured traces refer to: cuts and sanding marks on the back of the button) Hope you all like the charm of handmade But cannot be as perfect as mass production in the factory -**For the benefit of both parties** **Not recommended for highly allergic constitutions** -Questions welcomed **Out of print out of stock** -**Copyright, please do not reprint it at will** ──────────────────── **ABOUT-Anonymous Tailoring Shop®** The brand was founded in 1965 and started as a high-end tailor shop. In 2010, the branch line of accessories was branched out. The inspiration was based on the early clothing accessories. It is expected that the production method of the high-end uniform is concentrated and applied to the accessories. https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1940/45218303481_9716e7a787.jpg -EST. 1965 -From Taiwan -Limited production and sale


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