Xingyue Bodhi orthodox nine-time Tibetan self-protection body diamond knot hand rope from time to time homemade multicolored transport men and women life year

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From time to time, VISHI's homemade Xingyue Bodhi bodyguard diamond knot rope, using a five-color transfer line.



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Xingyue Bodhi orthodox nine-time Tibetan self-protection body diamond knot hand rope from time to time homemade multicolored transport men and women life year


Customized hand-made: Please measure the size of your wrist before ordering, and then place an order to avoid improper wearing. It is recommended to leave a message for the specific wrist size. When we make it, we reserve 0.5cm looseness by default. It is just right to wear (if you like looser, please explain how much loose).!!34010003.jpg

**Source of the diamond knot:**
In the Tantric classics, tens of thousands of years ago, there were many demons and chaotic worlds in the world. The masters of Hu Yiming and the intensive masters used a variety of implements (including diamond ropes, iron hooks, machete, etc.) when they fell into the demon. In particular, the diamond rope is the god of the falling monster. At that time, people thought that wearing a diamond rope could ward off evil spirits and protect the peace. The descendants used the diamond rope as a diamond knot and brought it to the side. The heart naturally got a sense of security. As a result, this custom has been passed down from generation to generation.

**Identify the diamond knot and the snake knot:**
The Orthodox Tibetan Tantric Nine-Piece Nursing King Kong knot is different from the common snake knots in the market. The time for compiling a diamond knot can be 3 snake knots. And the orthodox diamond knot is not easy to loosen, even if the water is long, it will recover after drying.!!34010003.jpg

**Blessing opening:**
When Buddha was alive, he said that everything that has a relationship with the Buddha does not need to be opened, because the unborn beings are very big, so they can’t see it.
Buddha light, so the opening in the temple is just to give people a look.
The serious opening ceremony has long been lost. The diamond knot has its energy even if it does not open up and bless.

**Wearing precautions:**
1. Can not be placed below the waist.
2. If it is inexplicably broken, there is a saying that peach blossoms come and wishes are fulfilled.
3. Do not discard it at will. If you don't want it, you can hang it at a height to make it windy.
Environmentally or respectfully incinerated! The six-character rumor is also known as the six-character big mantra and the Guanyin Bodhisattva mantra. The whole curse is "嗡呗咪吽". Nian Mingming Mantra can clear the six kinds of troubles of greed, jealousy, ignorance, arrogance, and self-defense, and detach from the six reincarnations, and prove the Bodhi to the pure land.

**Product parameters:**!!34010003.jpg

Brand: Untimed VISHI
Product Name: Xingyue Bodhi Bodyguard King Kong Knot
Material: five-color transfer line, natural Xingyue Bodhi
Craft: handmade
Specifications: Hand strap width is about 3mm
Size: Please refer to the end of the page [Wrist circumference measurement]

**Product showcase**!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg!!34010003.jpg

**Wrist circumference measurement method**!!34010003.jpg

**Product packaging**!!34010003.jpg


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