Goody Bag - Zhou Qing Limited Free Shipping Bag - Filter Cup and Undertake Handcuffs Group + Coffee Cup 1800

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Zhou Qing limited: 10/9~10/22, filter cup and undertake handcuffs group + ice coffee cup, original price 2460, blessing bag price 1800, a limited number, while supplies last!



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Goody Bag - Zhou Qing Limited Free Shipping Bag - Filter Cup and Undertake Handcuffs Group + Coffee Cup 1800


/Product desciption/ "The Four Seasons" is a series of coffee utensils that belong to the coffee flavor of the land. The coffee culture has come from the West, and it has taken root in Taiwan, and it has quietly spread out the appearance of the land. Coffee, such as tea, has become a daily adjustment for many Taiwanese. This series is made from hot and cold coffee cups, to hand-washing utensils and peripheral accessories, using pottery as the main material. The details of the hand-made sensation and the natural glaze performance of the clay burning reflect that the coffee is not a process full of the temperature of the hand; the body image is like the image of the eaves and the old slabs, giving people a familiar familiarity. Added a point of interpretation of Taiwan's sense of life. The four seasons are uninterrupted days, the space of the house is the home, the living life is accompanied by the stability of coffee, and drinking coffee is not only about taste, but the experience of five senses and atmosphere. The simple and quiet style and touch, let people watch and use it as if the time has slowed down, and calm down the taste of the cup. /brand introduction/ "Good Good Day" is a new brand that provides consumers with a happy, happy and happy life in the spirit of Taiwan's local spirit. It not only provides the practical functions that daily necessities should have, but also provides consumers with goods. Interaction and dialogue. These interactions and dialogues come from goods and people, space and life. Because of the existence of good goods, it is our expectation that consumers' lives are full of happiness, joy and good mood. Therefore, "Good luck, good day, day There are good things, "Good fortune, happy room" is a new life experience that will be passed on to the consumers. /about the author/ Zhuang Ruihao and Lu Yunyun, both born in August, returned to Taiwan to establish "two August biaugust" after completing their studies in Japan. In the beginning, they began to design graphic design and established their own brands. August is not simply a provider of design, but a provider of life experience and philosophy of life. "Life and Touch" has always been the core idea of creation, seeking the possibility between man and design through diverse creative media. The art window created by Hermès in Hermès in 2011 made the design breadth of the two August more broad. In the multi-directional trials and challenges, it spanned the fashion, home decoration, space design and art, and so they designed Show unique insights and thinking. /Product Information/See the sales page of each product/ 檐下四季_Filter Cup and Undertake 壸手冲组: 檐下四季_冰咖啡/直纹: 檐下四季_冰咖啡/曲纹: /Usage and maintenance methods / ★ Generally clean, it is recommended to use manual cleaning to maintain the life of the pottery. ★ If there is coffee stain or tea stain, it is recommended to use natural baking soda powder to scrub with a sponge. ★ Due to the design and firing method, the bottom part of the vessel is unglazed clay. It is recommended to dry or reverse or hang after cleaning. ★ Can be used in microwave ovens, but only for medium and low temperatures, not for ovens. ★ Ceramics are fragile goods, please avoid strong collisions. ★ After use, there will be a natural glaze crack on the surface of the product, which will increase the charm of the work and will not affect the use. Please rest assured. /Other notes / ★ Daji Jiri pottery products are fired with clay and glaze. The black spots on the surface are natural and unique patterns of iron and minerals in the soil. ★ Part of the manual process, non-mechanized uniformity, natural hand-made traces will produce flow glaze, glaze and gas points, each piece of the surface looks and color will be slightly different, is also the charm and personality of pottery. ★ The clay will produce natural ice cracking during the kiln firing process, that is, there will be fine cracks on the surface; and as the use time increases, natural glaze cracks will occur. This is a normal phenomenon and is also a unique feature of pottery products. ★ The above matters will not have any effect on the use. Please be assured that you can accept the order again. /Quality specification / ★ According to the drawings confirmed by both parties and the two August quality judgment standards. ★ Due to the slight color difference of the shooting, the picture is for reference only, please refer to the actual receipt of the product. /Overseas Shipping Notes/ ★ Due to regulatory relations in mainland China, in addition to personal items can be sent to the home address, the rest of the goods can only be the company, store or school office, please confirm the location of the receipt can be the company or the store to place an order.


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