Breast milk soap system I no added baby soap I jinhuahua soothing soap I wormwood peace soap I rose bright soap

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Breast milk is a gift from heaven, precious and nutritious. After soaping, it is moisturizing and skin-friendly. The bubbles are delicate and dense. Gentle cleansing while protecting your baby's delicate skin, also conveys Mommy's full love :)



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Breast milk soap system I no added baby soap I jinhuahua soothing soap I wormwood peace soap I rose bright soap


[Do not place an order here, please ask Mommy to write a letter, and will open another exclusive order! 】 👉FB Search: plants Plantation Workshop, Handmade Soap Breast milk is a gift from heaven, precious and nutritious. After soaping, it is moisturizing and skin-friendly. The bubbles are delicate and dense. Gentle cleansing while protecting your baby's delicate skin, also conveys Mommy's full love :) 【No fragrance low sensitivity formula】 ❤ No baby soap added. 1kg/$800. (Applicable: young children / sensitive / general skin) Most of the soaps chosen by Mommy! It is made from simple breast milk and vegetable oil without any addition. The breast milk soap itself will give off a light sweet fragrance, so it is recommended that moms don't add extra oil, and keep the ingredients to feel the beauty of the milk soap itself. ❤ Sweet apricot oatmeal baby soap. 1kg/$850 (Applicable: Child / Sensitive / Dry) Made with a high proportion of sweet almond oil, it is gentle to the skin and has a fine bubble. It can be used all seasons. Adding oatmeal powder can improve dryness and peeling of the skin, and has a good soothing effect on infants and dry itchy skin. ❤ Calendula soothing soap. 1kg/$850 (Applicable: young children / sensitive / general skin) Calendula is the most commonly used vanilla for European skin care products. The fresh orange petals are rich in carotenoids, which calm and soothe sensitive and fragile skin and have the effect of repairing and protecting. The wash is gentle and rich in foam, suitable for baby and problem skin. ❤ Golden wormwood peace soap. 1kg/$900 (Applicable: young children / sensitive / general skin) Made of high proportion of calendula soaked oil + hibiscus, wormwood and other safe powder. It is gentle to the skin and suitable for all skin types. The image of wormwood is to purify the mind and remove the filth. The adults and children go out to go home to wash the peace, and the baby is also very good! 蜂蜜 Honey chamomile soap. 1kg/$900 (Applicable: Child / Sensitive / Dry) Adding Taiwanese honey is rich in minerals and vitamins to help the skin moisturize and lock water. With chamomile powder, it can calm and soothe sensitive skin, slow down dermatitis and itching, and is suitable for dry skin. [friendly skin care] ❤ Tea tree eucalyptus antibacterial soap. 1kg/$1100 (Applicable: oily / neutral / acne) Summer is the peak period of enterovirus. Tea tree and patchouli essential oil can help to inhibit bacteria and balance skin oil and water. Made with a high proportion of sweet almond oil, the cleansing and refreshing cleansing power is moderate. Many mothers choose this for the big baby, and the men's oily skin is also very suitable. {Herbal Notes: Tea Tree / Eucalyptus / Patchouli Essential Oil} ❤ Sweet orange verbena refreshing soap. 1kg/$1100 (Applicable: oily / neutral / general skin) Made with verbena powder, it helps the skin clean pores, absorb oil and remove greasy feeling. Refreshing and no-load, oily skin can also be used! With the sweet orange essential oil, the fruity smell is fresh and bright, making people feel relaxed and happy. {Citrus Fruit Notes: Sweet Orange / Verbena / Pheasant Pepper / Bergamot Essential Oil} 薰 Lavender olive sleep soap. 1kg/$1100 (Applicable: dry / neutral / general skin) Made with a high proportion of olive oil, add lavender powder & shea butter, moisturizing and moisturizing foam, and the aroma of healing and relaxation are loved by adults and children. Help calm and calm the emotions and regain their inner peace. {Real Lavender Oil} 乳 Shea butter Marseille soap. 1kg/$1200 (Applicable: dry / neutral / sensitive) The classic Marseille soap formula is made from 72% olive oil. Adding shea butter is a good skin care material, which not only enhances the moisturizing power but also increases the hardness of the soap body. The low cleansing power protects the skin from excessive cleaning and is suitable for sensitive muscles and young children. {Flower notes: rose geranium / ylang / real lavender essential oil} 蜂蜜 Honey cocoa moisturizing soap. 1kg/$1200 (Applicable: dry / dry / dry itching) Add honey and precious cocoa butter. After washing, it will form a protective film on the skin, which can help the skin to lock in water and repair, so that the skin can be kept away from the cold winter, especially suitable for dry and itchy skin. {Flower and fruit notes: sweet orange / bergamot / bitter orange leaf / benzoin essential oil} 紫 Purple grass left hand fragrance repair soap. 1kg/$1200 (Applicable: sensitive / neutral / problem skin) The comfrey root and the left hand scent have always been a good material for treating eczema and dermatitis in the skin. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, can help the skin to relieve itching and improve the symptoms of discomfort, and restore the skin to its original state of health. {Smooth note: cedar / real lavender / cold shirt / patchouli essential oil} [Pet on Mommy Skin Soap] 珍珠 Pearl Royal White Soap. 1kg/$1300 (Applicable: Mixed / Neutral / Dull) Yurong San is the secret recipe of the ancient Empress Dowager Cixi. It is mainly made up of various kinds of herbs such as pearl powder, white peony and coix seed. After the soap, it is faintly scented with Chinese medicine. With a high proportion of hazelnut oil, it can help the skin to restore whiteness and maintain luster. {桧木复香香} 玫瑰 Rose mineral mud bright soap. 1kg/$1300 (Applicable: Mixed / Neutral / Acne) Made with a high proportion of hazelnut oil to help restore skin's whiteness. Adding the mineral mud powder imported from France, it will take away the pores and dirt and excess oil at the same time to prevent the formation of acne and maintain the luster. With the aroma of roses, people are filled with happiness. {Rose Compound Fragrance} 死 Dead sea mud sap muscle soap. 1kg/$1300 (Applicable: Mixed / Neutral / Acne) Adding Israel's Dead Sea mud, rich in minerals and trace elements, the characteristic is to retain the original moisture of the skin, while deep into the pores, adsorbing the grease to take away the dirt, so that the skin is fine and smooth. With fendofin compound oil, it combines herbal and floral scent to relax and heal. {Fundo fine compound fragrance} 蚕 Silk protein jasmine soap. 1kg/$1300 (Applicable: mature age / dry / dull) This is a popular fragrance! The complex aroma of white magnolia leaves, ylang, benzoin and other essential oils, the smell is fresh and leisurely, elegant and charming. Use jasmine soaking oil to match silk protein into soap, the feeling is delicate and smooth, the bubble is dense, and the skin is kept to maintain the Q elastic. {Jasmine Compound Fragrance} [customized instructions] 母 As long as the breast milk has been frozen and stored without “smelly acid”, it can be made into a breast milk soap after a long period of time! 250 Each 1kg requires 250cc of breast milk, and 8 pieces of soap can be cut, each piece is about 100g. There are discounts for all three of the "same paragraphs". 👉 There are no more than 5 “return” free shipping for all the money, and there are 10 “back and forth shipping charges”. 👉 Each soap is individually packaged in a vacuum bag that can be stored for long periods of time without moisture or deterioration. 母 The shelf life of breast milk soap is about 2 years, and it can be placed in a cool and ventilated place. 约 It takes about 2 to 3 months to make and dry the soap. Please let us know the order for you. 👉 It is better for children to use soap for more than 6 months. 👉 Add: lavender / tea tree / citrus tone / floral notes / fruity notes / calming notes and other essential oils (per kg) increase the price of $ 100. 👉 Add: Rose/Jasmine/Osmanthus/Amaranth/Fendojing Compound Oil (per kg) for a price increase of $150. [customized process] 1. Please contact us for the soap to be made. 2. Confirm that the production will open a special order 3. Pay half of the deposit & order 4. Send the breast milk out with "low temperature home delivery" 5. Receive breast milk will be confirmed with Mommy 6. It takes about 60 days to make + soap, and you will take photos with Mommy before and after. 7. Mature packaging + pay end + shipping. [Place of Origin / Manufacturing Method] Made In Taiwan handmade soap


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