Light and good. Sesame cheese sauce

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Good sesame cheese sauce "The secret of deliciousness and full of energy": Kouki Sangyo Co., Ltd. from Japan has a history of 130 years and insists on making it with traditional production methods. It is completely free of sucrose, and uses natural stevia and erythritol instead. Particularly suitable for children who quit sugar/low-glycemia/ketogen


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1 - 3 วัน
Light and good. Sesame cheese sauce


**Light and good. Sesame cheese sauce** If you like cream cheese sauce, you must not miss this sesame cream cheese sauce Yo :) Completely no sucrose, using natural stevia and erythritol to replace Especially suitable for quitting sugar/low-glycemic/ketogenic diet/diabetics/ wanting to be youthful and slim/loving ice cream... Based on the pure natural Elle&VIre cream cheese from France Plus the British blue windmill whipped cream that is completely additive-free and happy for mother cows And Japanese kuji sesame seeds, which are made by insisting on natural methods, without the bitter and burnt taste of ordinary sesame Create this mellow, delicious and unburdened sugar-free dessert:) If you like light, good cream cheese Then you will definitely fall in love with this sesame cream cheese sauce! Black sesame seeds have many benefits~ People who want smoky eyes and bright eyes can eat more :) **The secret to delicious and full of energy** Kouki Industry Co., Ltd. from Japan has a history of 130 years. Insist on using traditional production methods to make sesame products Sesame seeds purchased from all over the world will be inspected by the latest equipment Make sesame seeds pass at least two strict inspection standards before entering the production line. No chemicals are used in the production process to remove the sesame skin Insist on using. Time-consuming physical pressing method This is the secret of the original natural flavor of Kuki’s sesame **"Lightweight and good. Sesame cheese sauce" can be eaten like this:** ・Eat it as sesame ice cream! General ice cream contains very high sugar content. Replace the general ice cream with sesame cheese sauce that does not contain sugar and starch and can help to quit sugar. The young bird is here! ・The thick sesame cheese sauce on the original hoho can be used as a dessert after a meal or afternoon tea~ Because the aroma of sesame is more unrestrained, other flavors of hoho with sesame cheese sauce may not match with you (but very interesting), you can choose according to your personal taste ・Eat with other foods **Who should eat light and good. Sesame cheese sauce?** ・Sugar quitters ・Low-glycemic diet ・Ketogenic diet ・Persons allergic to wheat bran ·diabetes ・Vegetarian ・Children who love ice cream **[Important reminder]** Life is good "light and good. Sesame cheese sauce" In order to maintain the best freshness and avoid damage to the delivery process Will be released into a hot**Frozen**preservation And deliver it to you in a frozen way After the frozen product arrives, please put it in the refrigerator immediately **Refrigerate for 12 hours and eat after thawing~** The best taste period after opening is**3-7**days Please be sure to fasten it tightly if you have not eaten it, and keep it in refrigerator to avoid other peculiar smell in the refrigerator. **Sesame Buttercream Sauce-Tips** ・Frozen storage can be stored for up to two months. After the ice is removed, it must be eaten within seven days after refrigeration:) ・The refrigerator is best to be around 4 degrees Celsius, not too ice, but do not place it at the door of the refrigerator or too close to the outside, to avoid the temperature change caused by the refrigerator being turned on and off ・If the entire bottle is kept at room temperature, it is best to put it back into the refrigerator within 30 minutes to extend the shelf life. If you want to eat out, remember to use an ice pack. Taste period: eaten within 7 days after cold storage and opening Storage method: frozen for 30 days, refrigerated for 7 days Sesame Buttercream Sauce-Details Capacity: 100ml±10g Ingredients: cream cheese, fresh cream, erythritol, stevia, sesame seeds


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