Organic stew bag

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Here comes a delicious and reassuring organic four-piece stew! It contains nine kinds of organic medicinal materials, sweet and special flavor, boiled soup with natural aroma, sweet and smooth, in addition to drinking alone, it can also be used as a soup base for health hot pot, suitable for the whole family to eat together, no bitterness of Chinese medicine


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Organic stew bag


★ Special reminder: This organic stew contains cinnamon, pregnant women avoid food, if you have any questions, please ask the doctor for instructions before taking. The only organic four-piece stew in Taiwan, sweet and not bitter In order to make everyone feel at ease, the upstream and downstream parties invited the co-manufacturers to make a special "organic four-stuff stewed bag" containing nine kinds of organic Chinese medicinal materials, from the organic cultivation of raw materials, to applying for organic import entry, and finally to the organic packaging in Taiwan It is traceable (the inspection report and organic certificate are at the bottom). In order to change the impression of the traditional "bitterness of traditional Chinese medicine", this recipe is also based on the sweet and sweet flavor. The cooked soup has a natural aroma and is sweet and smooth. In addition to drinking alone, it can also be used as a soup base for health hot pot, suitable for the whole family. There is no bitterness of Chinese medicine at all. Simply simmer with chicken or ribs to taste delicious, you can also match with noodles, eat the belly warm, very satisfied. Nine kinds of organic Chinese herbal medicines Chinese medicine believes that the smooth running of qi and blood is the fundamental requirement for good health. Siwu Tang has always been regarded as a sacred product for nourishing blood and regulating menstruation. The so-called "Siwu" refers to the four most basic Chinese medicinal materials: Rehmannia glutinosa, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Angelica sinensis, and Chuanxiong. The organic Siwu stew contains nine kinds of Chinese medicinal materials. The formula is the proportion obtained from the inquiries of experienced traditional Chinese medicine doctors. In addition to the original "four things", it also contains a total of nine kinds of organic Chinese medicinal materials such as Huangqi, wolfberry, red dates, licorice and cinnamon. In the past, the impression of "Siwutang" was to have a rich black color. You may think that the soup cooked in this organic Siwutang is lighter in color. Please don't worry because you are drinking the most original original flavor of traditional Chinese medicine. . How to cook Siwu Tang? A pack of organic four-piece stew with 1000 – 1500c.c of water is about three to four servings. If it is used as hot pot soup base, you can add more water. Recommendations for meat food materials: pork ribs, chicken (a bag of stew can be paired with two chicken legs). Vegetarian material recommendations: vegetables, mushroom products, soy products. The cooking method is as follows: If it is paired with chicken and ribs, first boil the meat with boiling water to remove impurities. If it is vegetable food, you can put tofu, mushrooms and stew bag together to cook, and finally put the vegetables. Add clean water (1000c.c-1500c.c) to the pot, put the organic four-piece stew bag after the water boils, and add other ingredients. After boiling on medium heat for 20 minutes, you can take out the stew bag and continue cooking with other ingredients (if you like rich flavors, you can leave the stew bag inside and boil it for 10-20 minutes on low heat). Consider salt or other seasoning before cooking, and add a little rice wine. Don't let go and other ingredients, just boil it as a tea drink! 2000 cc of cold water, boil for three minutes together with the four materials package, let it sit for 20 minutes, let it be cold or reheated! If you want to adjust your body, when is the best time to take Siwu Tang? Usually want to eat hot pot, you can also use this organic four-body stew package as a soup base. Women who want to adjust their body can choose to take it continuously after menstruation. Generally, they are weak after menstruation, and they are not prone to heat. Can men eat Siwutang? Okay! Siwutang can be used by both men and women.


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