Weather Bottle Handmade Group Christmas Exchange Ceremony Science Handmade Fun Office Decoration

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Weather Bottle Handmade Group Christmas Exchange Ceremony Science Handmade Fun Office Decoration


**[Please pay attention to purchase]** Goods cannot be sent overseas Only shipped to Taiwan (including outlying islands). **[Transportation Regulations]** Hand-made group, less than 3 pieces exceeding the fetch limit Research group (large copy), less than 2 pieces exceeding the limit Home delivery unlimited ----------------------------------------------------------- ※ Note ※ This product contains "camphor", which can cause severe and acute reactions to patients with G6PD deficiency (fava bean disease). Producers must first understand their own physique -------------------------------------------------- ---------- 【Product desciption】 The weather bottle, also known as storm glass, is a weather forecast tool used in Europe from the 18th to the 19th century. The weather bottle will crystallize differently depending on the ambient temperature! Known as the most beautiful thermometer in the world, it is also an exclusive first snow bottle ♥ Finished product: the solution is about 85ml; the glass bottle is made in Japan, with high light transmission and high sealing degree experimental bottle! Due to the high transparency, the crystal has the effect of being enlarged, allowing you to see the beauty of the crystal more clearly ♥ In addition, because the growth conditions of the weather bottle are very important, and alcohol will be added to the solution, it is very important to choose a "highly sealed" bottle container! In this way, the weather bottle can still grow beautiful crystals after several years~ 【Contents】 Camphor powder x 1 part, ammonium chloride x 1 part, potassium nitrate x 1 part, dropper x 1 piece, measuring cup x 1 piece, gloves x 1 pair, stirring rod x 1 piece, special color (red, yellow and blue) x 1 copy, Japanese laboratory glass bottle x 1 bottle (capacity 100ml, diameter 4cm, height 12cm), operating instructions ※Need to purchase by yourself ● 95% alcohol (do not use denatured alcohol) ● Pure water (Taishan pure water or distilled water is recommended) Precautions: ※ Do not swallow, and keep away from fire sources, and store in a cool place. ※ The material contains "camphor" ingredients, which will cause discomfort to patients with G6PD deficiency (fava bean disease). Please understand your physique first. ※ Children under 12 years old need to be accompanied by parents to operate. ※ Separating is not recommended, it will cause the proportion to run away. ※ It is not recommended to cover metal or throw objects into it, it will rust! ------------------------------- Q: Why is 95% alcohol not included in the kit? The first is because Taiwan has the "Tobacco and Alcohol Management Law", it is illegal to repackage and sell it by yourself. 95% alcohol can also be used as a household disinfectant, which is also very easy to use! The second is that even if a bottle of alcohol is included in the kit, according to the regulations of supermarkets, alcohol is flammable and cannot be sent. Q: How can we have beautiful crystals? Crystallization requires time, temperature and luck to stack. If the temperature difference is too large, it will only cause snowy weather. ※It needs to be below 18-20 degrees to start crystallization. Q: It is not a chemistry department, but the general public can do it? Of course, it is suitable for all ages, four steps, as simple as instant noodles! Q: How to adjust if there is too much or too little crystallization? Too much crystals, add some (5ml~10ml) alcohol! Too little crystallization, you can open the cap to let the alcohol evaporate. ※It takes less than 18 degrees to crystallize. ------------------------ 【Video Teaching】 Origin/manufacturing method Taiwan ------------------------ **[Please pay attention to purchase]** Due to new customs regulations, currently hand-made products cannot be sent overseas and Hong Kong. Only shipped to Taiwan (including outlying islands).


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The most beautiful thermometer in the world-weather bottle! It is also an exclusive first snow bottle♥ It will grow a variety of different crystals according to the ambient temperature, making every day a surprise!


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