△ flow glass box Necklace - 19 degrees north latitude, the island - square, selling limited edition necklace

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△ flow glass box Necklace - 19 degrees north latitude, the island - square, selling limited edition necklace


Like blocks of ice block children! Mix and match white, blue, and green colors of fresh caviar super mini glass beads. # 19 degrees north latitude, the island "In the warm summer, Qinliang moment, enjoy the passion to embrace the sun and the sea." △ square glass size: 12mmx12mmx12mm / Available at a single time, to choose the length of the necklace / About Estimated length: (L) 75-80cm long necklace (M) in the necklace 50-58cm (S) short necklace 42-50cm (approximately near the collarbone) / Operate and maintain / Glass is easy to absorb moisture, easily lead followed by wet glue fragile strength decreases in the use of careful touch the water, bathing, spa, need to acquire before going to bed down. (In this regard, please note that buyers themselves!) On weekdays when not in use, can be blown dry with a hair dryer after a weak close in a sealed bag to reduce exposure to air. / brand introduction/ MORIDORI items are handmade, so a limited number of, if not three to five days of making the spot to wait. Each item crafted by the design team, including the unlimited ingenuity and full of intentions. ▲ Caution ▲ Because of handmade goods, it may be every kind of work, there will be a little bit small gap! Mind please do not single. Photos will be due to different screens and shooting light slight color, please buyers to consider carefully, to accept to buy. Before the next one be sure to review the museum's trade policy, has done this obligation because, orders will be deemed to consent to the policy. [MORI DORI Care] Before each shipment of goods packaging intentions we will make your gift tilapia:))) Packed in paper box, due to order quantity, size are different. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / handmade



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