[New color debut] Awu Pen Holder / Sundries Storage (silent black)

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[New color debut] Awu Pen Holder / Sundries Storage (silent black)


**Zoologists also said that dogs are wolves that have been kept in their favor for a long time, you know?** Dogs can also howl, but why do we all call it-blowing dog snails? Is it because it is afraid of being alone, lonely, and feeling cold? Or it has forgotten that he was once a wolf.... . The baby is very bitter, but the baby does not say **Heavy schoolwork, depressed work, depressed life-Ao~** From time to time, I have to make a strong face and laugh, and make fun in hardship-Ao~ But no matter the life is easy or sad, it is still easy; . Oh, cheer up for yourself; then, take it seriously! **The doctor is saying that modern people are under too much pressure,** It is easy to get sick if you express it when you are unwell. 😜 . Sitting in depression for too long will really cause illness. Oh~ a little bit (even if it’s just a small theater in my heart, it’s okay) **Ah Woo is here~ accompany you to express and cheer with you!** Cute and funny looking up to the sky and roaring, Combine the instinctive habits of animals, Inspire the simplest, direct and primitive emotions in the heart~ https://s3-ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/zeczec-prod/asset_272354_image_big.jpg?1611247412 **▋If the job is to make a living, why let it kill itself?** Bring a little innocence, without losing dignity; Imagine more, no harm; Unruly Mercedes-Benz, cute turn the tabletop; Scream as much as you want, I am who I am! Tired like a dog every day, I forgot- I was once a wolf! https://s3-ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/zeczec-prod/asset_277778_image_big.jpg?1612446625 **▋Bionic design, comfortable to pick and place** The bionic animal shape, combined with the covered special weight structure and the application of dual materials, forms the most comfortable storage space and access angle. https://s3-ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/zeczec-prod/asset_272360_image_big.png?1611250875 **▋It's so convenient to group big and small!** Da Awu is used to put pens, scissors, rulers, utility knives, and can also hang staplers; Xiao Ah Woo specializes in paper clips, thumbtacks to pins, and a set of commonly used items on the table! https://s3-ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/zeczec-prod/asset_277780_image_big.jpg?1612446863 **▋Colorful combination, fun storage** The size and specification design and colorful color matching make it convenient for the sorting and unfolding of all kinds of different business supplies. Relaxed, fun and orderly, it turns out that "organizing and storing can also produce an unexpectedly good mood"! . Big Silent Black (+Small Gentle Grey) https://s3-ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/zeczec-prod/asset_272392_image_big.jpg?1611255794 **▋Small things in life, easy to organize** https://s3-ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/zeczec-prod/asset_272378_image_big.jpg?1611254169 **▋Practical design that is simple, close to the people, and versatile** https://s3-ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/zeczec-prod/asset_273164_image_big.jpg?1611510947 **▋Au's height and weight** https://s3-ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/zeczec-prod/asset_272384_image_big.jpg?1611254711 **. Size(mm)** -Big Ah Woo: 66 x 135 x 104 high (the average depth of the mouth is about 86) **. weight** -Big Ah Woo: 245 g **. Material** -PP (inner tube) coated with TPR (surface), ABS (eye and nose) [Little Ah Woo] Single product (5 colors available): https://www.pinkoi.com/product/QrZbskUH [Small and small groups] Offer recommendation: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/ugzPcRdk **About the smile in life|Smilingoods** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51173492149_f8f7e29975_h.jpg Smilingoods hopes that in addition to its practicality, convenience and aesthetics, the product can also bring more positive perception, operating experience, and more imagination, emotional interaction and expectations for a better life in the future. It is hoped that through the nature of the objects and the bionic allegorical design, it can reduce the "anxiety and stress" that is easily derived from the nervous pace of life of modern people. During the interaction with the product use and operation, some negative emotions and anxiety will be relieved in a timely manner. And then produce more pleasure and happiness.


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The cute and funny look of looking up to the sky and roaring, combined with the instinctive habits of animals, stimulates the simplest, direct and primitive emotions in the heart


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