[Tangent Pie] delicious bread leather handmade retro small messenger bag female bag female student bag messenger bag

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[Tangent Pie] delicious bread leather handmade retro small messenger bag female bag female student bag messenger bag


**-Handmade leather goods are not what you think-** **Handmade leather goods production video sharing** https://youtu.be/7Vh49Gu9SaY Size: Length 24cm x Width 6cm x Height 14.5cm / Italian imported vegetable tanned leather top layer cowhide / Hand dyed peacock green Strap: adjustable, the adjustment range is 119cm-141cm, there are 5 adjustment holes on the shoulder strap, the adjustment range of the vertical height is 55cm-65cm, respectively 55cm→57.5cm→60cm→62.5cm→65cm In order to highlight the simple design style, the retro buckle is used on the bottom of the bag, and the red circular stitching is used as decoration on the cover. It is low-key but not lacking in design. You can also choose the stitching color you like. Although this size is a small size, the external seam process maximizes the space utilization. It can be used to store mobile phones, short wallets, keys, Polaroids, and a small amount of cosmetics. https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i2/723293564/TB2nFK2bCYH8KJjSspdXXcRgVXa_!!723293564.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i1/723293564/TB2icuLXzgy_uJjSZKbXXXXkXXa_!!723293564.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i1/723293564/TB2rKe9bBTH8KJjy0FiXXcRsXXa_!!723293564.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i3/723293564/TB2LAGJXzgy_uJjSZPxXXanNpXa_!!723293564.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i1/723293564/TB27DWKXAfb_uJkHFNRXXc3vpXa_!!723293564.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i1/723293564/TB2RraUafjM8KJjSZFNXXbQjFXa_!!723293564.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i2/723293564/TB2Suq9bBTH8KJjy0FiXXcRsXXa_!!723293564.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i4/723293564/TB24QKJXzgy_uJjSZPxXXanNpXa_!!723293564.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i2/723293564/TB2shS_brYI8KJjy0FaXXbAiVXa_!!723293564.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i2/723293564/TB2Tf9SaaLN8KJjSZFvXXXW8VXa_!!723293564.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i3/723293564/TB23n1.bwLD8KJjSszeXXaGRpXa_!!723293564.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i1/723293564/TB2Kaa1btzJ8KJjSspkXXbF7VXa_!!723293564.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i1/723293564/TB2b0CSagjN8KJjSZFkXXaboXXa_!!723293564.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i3/723293564/TB2YlGSadLO8KJjSZFxXXaGEVXa_!!723293564.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i3/723293564/TB2M0CSagjN8KJjSZFkXXaboXXa_!!723293564.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i4/723293564/TB2PQ5SadHO8KJjSZFtXXchfXXa_!!723293564.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i3/723293564/TB2cr12bDnI8KJjSszbXXb4KFXa_!!723293564.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i3/723293564/TB2ZkNifrBnpuFjSZFGXXX51pXa_!!723293564.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i4/723293564/TB24exrfxBmpuFjSZFsXXcXpFXa_!!723293564.jpg 1. Material selection The cowhide currently selected for "Cut Line Pie" is all from Italy's A-grade high-fat vegetable tanned leather. Because it is a natural material, and the processing method used by the leather factory is a vegetable tanning process with minimal damage to the leather, it is inevitable that there will be a small amount of "scars" and "wrinkles" and "blood tendons" on the leather surface. When we open the material, we will try our best to avoid or place these parts in the unobvious or non-stressed parts of the product. 2. Hand stitched We do not use sewing machines to make our products, all products are sewn purely by hand. Before sewing, you need to use a special diamond cutter to punch the stitch holes on the leather. Only in this way can you sew a beautiful wavy stitch effect. This is also the biggest difference from machine stitching. Although this will greatly increase the production time of leather goods, it is also an important step for leather craftsmen to give leather goods a soul and a warm feel. 3. Hand-banded and polished. Before the final product comes out, the last step is to sand and seal the leather edges. In order to make the leather edges look smooth, round and natural. "Tangent Pie" has its own set of edge banding methods. First use sandpaper to smooth the sharp edges of the leather edge repeatedly, then apply a layer of sealing liquid to make the leather edges look smooth, repeat 2-3 times, then apply a layer of edge sealing Wax, and finally use a sanding rod to repeatedly polish Until the leather edges look smooth. 4. Hand dyed leather "Tangent Pie" hand-dyed products currently use Fiebing's leather alcohol dye imported from the United States. In order to dye evenly and naturally, we need to moisten the leather surface with water at first, and then apply the dye over and over again with a sponge, from light to dark, until we reach the color we want. After drying, a layer of fixing agent should be applied to increase the color fastness. Finally, use clean water to smear the surface of the leather to wipe off the dust on the surface and make the color more uniform. Because it is dyed purely by hand, there are subtle products between the colors of each bag, and each is unique. Origin/manufacturing method Handmade in China


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The design is inspired by the retro messenger bag. After the size is reduced, it becomes very simple and cute. The front part of the bag body adopts the inseam process, which is round and naturally shaped. It is matched with the smooth and neat Italian first layer cowhide and natural cowhide original color. This bag is especially "appetizing" like freshly baked bread!パンみたいですね. Delicious しそう! Are you hungry? Then come one!


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