Chinese Zodiac-Rat Necklace (Style 2) [Mini Style]_Animal Series_造题

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Chinese Zodiac-Rat Necklace (Style 2) [Mini Style]_Animal Series_造题


"Choose your own mascot and spend a whole good year with you" Depending on the year The meanings of their respective zodiac signs are different, like genus Rats - hardworking, happy friends, adaptable, adaptable Cattle - kind and pragmatic, have their own ideas, do things in an orderly manner Tiger - enthusiasm, gaze, not blindly Rabbit - empathy, delicate, smart and flexible Dragon - strong, decisive and hardworking, talented Snake - smart and wise, responsible, sleek Horse-welcome, direct and decisive, independent Sheep - gentle and tolerant, creative, persevering Monkey--self-motivated, capable and intelligent, acting self-assertion Chicken - integrity, enthusiasm and openness, strong organizational skills Dog - justice, ambition, friendship Pig - sincerely treat others, work hard, be willing to fight for love <The title of the ancient - the origin of the zodiac> Once upon a time The emperor will choose twelve species of animals as the genus So recruited the world to go beasts Gather together and compete with each other After a fierce and exciting contest Only the order of the zodiac signs that we see now is produced! - Another interesting thing is In fact, different nationalities have their own twelve Chinese zodiac For example, Egypt also has twelve zodiac signs. They are: ox, goat, monkey, donkey, crab, snake, dog, cat, crocodile, flamingo, lion, eagle Is it very special~ [Commodity photo] Mouse necklace Zodiac necklace Book box packaging [book box packaging] "The encyclopedia is a symbol of the Heiner River." We make a package with a new image "Jewelry Encyclopedia", and make each animal ornament into a piece of illustrations, placed in a book box. After the collection of the previous design products, they are grouped into various symbolic series. Each symbol will be accompanied by a book with the book. The text on the illustration is a unique interpretation of the jewelry, so that everyone knows what their meaning represents. 【size】 Pendant: 15x20x0.5mm Chain length: short chain 45cm [Material] Pendant: food grade 304 stainless steel Chain: food grade 304 stainless steel Packing: matte / black / hard box (with sponge + black velvet inner pad) Book box packaging: matte bronzing / indigo / hard box (with sponge + photo liner) [Notes on product use] 1. When wearing, please avoid using the hatchback at the same time, in case the diagonal straps force the pendant to be deformed; also avoid the external force to press the pendant to prevent deformation. 2. Please avoid wearing it during washing to prevent contact with water to prevent scale residue. 3. If there is sweating, please remove the necklace and do not touch the skin to avoid the oxidative wear of the chain. (The chain used in this product has been selected to be less allergenic steel, but it is still adjusted according to the individual's physical condition.) 4. Wipe gently with a silver cloth or eyeglass cloth to ensure the best gloss. Or use a little toothpaste to apply, and dry it immediately after cleaning. It can restore part of the gloss. Stainless steel is not easy to oxidize. Please don't worry about rust. But still try to avoid wearing with hot springs and swimming. 5. These products are more meticulous. Do not wear or use them with children under the age of 12 for safety. / Problem-making design I hope that we can use the words "made" and "question" as the basis for our thinking about creative products. "made" Creation is the basic idea of design But I hope to make it to everyone through the delicate thoughts of Maker. More is the verb we perform design "question" We don't want the product to have no meaning. I hope that when I wear it, I can have a little thought-provoking existence. Just like a topic for everyone to make their own answers Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan


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The zodiac is a rat - hardworking and active, happy to make friends, adaptable, adaptable


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