14KGF/EMBROIDERY: 'ORIBBON-II' Necklace #02.EM -embroidered necklace

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made by QUTTI
made by QUTTI
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งานปัก สร้อยคอ สีเขียว - 14KGF/EMBROIDERY: 'ORIBBON-II' Necklace #02.EM -embroidered necklace


AKL-220820 #02.Emerald 'ORIBBON-II' oribon necklace The technique of haute couture bead embroidery and Ribbon silhouette with satin framing A necklace with a chic presence deep sea peacock emerald Scattered with various beads and sequins Represents a mysterious and beautiful 'blue' tone 14KGF (14K Gold Filled) on the necklace Uses a design chain with a stylish texture The expression of deep color bead embroidery Also looks great with satin and velvet Please add a cute accent to the collar of a dress or top. ★ "Fragrant Orange" is also available in different colors↓ https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/R29PJPnT *The current stock quantity is provisional* Made to order and will be shipped within 14 business days from the date of purchase (completion of payment). (When the stock is available, the actual stock number will be displayed and it is expected to be shipped in the shortest number of days (within 5 days)) :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::: [SPECIFICATION] ・Metal part (other than embroidery part): All 14KGF (14K Gold Filled) ・Embroidery part: glass beads (domestic), sequins, crystals (SWR), French wire (copper), etc. ・Body base: felt, synthetic leather, satin tape, etc. ・SIZE: Ribbon = H: about 3.8cm x W: about 2.5cm x D: about 0.3cm Necklace size = about 49cm to about 39cm [ATTENTION] Embroidery works cannot be repaired. The embroidered parts are made of glass, crystal, satin, and other delicate materials and structures. Also, the main body of the motif has a certain degree of hardness and flexibility, but please be careful not to bend or distort the main body. ❢The main body of the motif cannot be washed or wet. Please be careful not to adhere oils, liquid chemicals, detergents, cosmetics, etc. In addition, please avoid high humidity and high temperature to prevent deformation and deterioration due to the structure and materials. ❢The color of the beads may change or fade due to the usage environment or aging. Keep out of direct sunlight. ❢ Please be aware that excessive pulling or force on the necklace may break the chain or damage the metal fittings. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::: 〇The length of the necklace (including the main body of the motif) can be adjusted in 3 steps [maximum 49cm/44cm/39cm]. (Adjuster rings are placed 5 cm on both sides from the center back clasp, so it can be adjusted in 5 cm increments. Please refer to the [SIZE] image for details.) 〇This work requires a minimum of 2 days to produce and finish one item, including adhesive drying and curing time. Although we strive to create symmetry, due to the nature of handwork, there may be slight asymmetries, differences in shape, and facial expressions in each production. Individual differences are generally within the range of what you see in the product image. ◆When purchasing, please be sure to check and understand the following items on the [Brand Story] page. [↓↓↓Please read before purchasing↓↓↓] https://jp.pinkoi.com/store/madebyqutti?tab=story


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The technique of haute couture bead embroidery and Ribbon silhouette with satin framing A necklace with a chic presence


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