Today's film transfer sticker - with waterproof envelope blue

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The size of the film sticker is designed to be the same size as the current stamp, so it can be mixed and used. We also designed a lot of small objects that can be matched together. Cut the desired pattern, remove the lower release paper and place it in th



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Today's film transfer sticker - with waterproof envelope blue


Today's seal covers common activities in life, such as emptying garbage, cutting hair, traveling, etc. It is very suitable for use on the PDA, so that the record of the PDA is no longer limited to text, and it is more interesting to have a pattern embellishment. Now we have introduced a film sticker that belongs to the same day stamp series. It can be used with the stamp to make more changes. The size of the film sticker is designed to be the same size as the current seal, so it can be mixed and used (the seal is stamped and climbed as a sticker in Figure 2), and the sticker is designed in addition to the small characters appearing in the seal of the day. Small items that work together, such as cars, desks, street lights, tents, and more. The proportion of these small objects is the same as that of the little ones, so it seems natural to put them together, and there will be no inconsistency in matching. The film sticker can also be pasted and then colored, just like the seal of the day, giving it its own color. How to use: Cut off, remove the release paper below, pay attention to the hand, do not touch the pattern, and then place it in the position to be attached, evenly press the pattern area of the transparent plastic sheet, and the pattern is transferred to the paper. You can put slow motion when removing the transparent plastic sheet. If the pattern is not stuck on the paper, please cover the plastic sheet and press it slightly. Can also be attached to the back of the phone, plastic and other surfaces. If it is attached to the back of the phone, a protective cover can be added to prevent the pattern from being scratched. Because the film sticker is cut and used and is transparent and easy to view, it is very easy to attach the sticker to the desired place. But because after cutting it, some stickers may be more difficult to store, so we have an envelope to store the sticker. This envelope is made of Tyvek®, so it is lightweight, waterproof and tear-resistant. Even if it is sealed with paper tape, repeatedly peeled off or pasted, it will not damage the envelope and can be used for a long time. Each pack of film stickers comes with 2 identical stickers and a waterproof envelope. There are three styles. After the film sticker is attached, it is as clear and sharp as the printing class, just like printing directly on the paper, and after the sticking, the paper surface is flat, which is the performance that the traditional sticker can't do.


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