[Western antique jewelry / old age] ERMANI BULATTI ART DECO clip earrings

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We sell Western antiques and old accessories, non-new products, photos are taken in kind, as shown in the picture, please do not look at the standard of new products. The old jewelry we received were all popular jewelry styles from the 1960s to the 1980s,


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[Western antique jewelry / old age] ERMANI BULATTI ART DECO clip earrings


**◆Commodity description ◆** OK, there is trace of normal wear and tear The pair of earrings is cool, the boss likes the design style of the avant-garde ART DECO, and the design is very intriguing. Although it is the work of European designers, the boss is from the hands of American antique dealers. This pair of earrings is the work of the famous Dutch designer ERMANI BULATTI This gifted designer has a mystery, like his work. Ermani Bulatti is known for its bold and highly complex ideas and unique design concepts inspired by Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Neoclassic, Modern and Egyptian and Etruscan Revival. The design skills that compromise these elements are always amazing. Ermani Bulatti's work was designed and manufactured in the Netherlands in the 1970s and 1980s and sold in high-end retailers in Paris, Milan and New York, as well as in Amsterdam. These works are handcrafted in the Netherlands by skilled jewelers and pay attention to detail. High-quality brass with gold, silver or copper, precious stones including pearls, mother-of-pearl and hematite come from all over the world, and also uses the crystal of the famous Austrian crystal producer Swarovski. **◆Product source / age / mark ◆** New York, USA Tagged with: ERMANI BULATTI About 1980's **◆Product size / material ◆** Overall size: 4*2 cm Material: alloy white iron + Swarovski diamond + shell __◆**Packaging materials in the old time corner**__ Old accessories that are purchased, mailed or delivered by the Internet will be properly packaged in the old corners. To avoid the pressure, drop, bump, wet (rain)... during the delivery process, we will use the carton + thin waterproof plastic sleeve + bubble paper to be loaded and sent. **Earrings**: A pair of earrings will be separately packed with a thick sealed bag + carton. **Pins**: Thickened sealed bag + carton. **Necklace**: The pendant and chain will be separated by a thin sealed bag → fit into a thick sealed bag + carton. __◆**Maintenance of old accessories**__ 1. Please do not put all kinds of jewelry with different material properties in the same drawer or jewelry box. Because the materials of the jewelry are different in hardness, they will rub against each other and cause wear and scratches. 2. For sports, family affairs, etc., please remove your accessories to avoid damage from external impact. 3. Try not to touch sweat, rain, sea water, perfume and cosmetics,**Do not wear jewelry to bathe**. 4. Taiwan's climate is humid. If it is not worn for a long time, please wipe the old jewelry with a dry cloth → put it in a sealed bag to avoid contact with the air. 5. Necklace items should be stored separately from the chain. The "pendant" can be placed in a small sealed bag → outside and the chain and then placed in a large sealed bag. __◆**Buyers who purchase Vintage Jewelry for the first time should consider**__ **■**The antiques we sell**"Not new products"**, they were produced in the 1940s to 1970s, all of them are more than 10 years old, so there are certain traces and chronology → It is old! **■**Do not look at the standard of new products; the photos of the old accessories we sell are counted as many. The detailed inspection of the product details and the description of the items are the steps that will be confirmed before purchase, so the purchase is not accepted. Return and exchange due to differences in personal cognition. **■ "There will be color difference on the screen!"**This is one of the risks of online shopping. If you can't accept this slight drop, you are not suitable for purchasing goods on the Internet platform. **■**process of goods transportation is damaged due to force majeure. If there is an absolute difference between the received product and the original product photo (such as the product is broken), the refund can be made; if the product is received, the “imaginary look” and color difference If there is any problem related to damage due to the transportation process, there is no refund.


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