Ball Mason Jars - Ball Mason Jar 4oz Bowl Narrow Can (12inches)

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Ball Mason Jars - Ball Mason Jar 4oz Bowl Narrow Can (12inches)


The Mason Jar (Mason Jar), produced by Ball®, has a century-long history of glory. In the absence of refrigerators, blacksmith Mason designed the storage tank with excellent sealing, three-piece structure with a glass jar with a metal ring and gasket gasket, effectively extending the shelf life of food, but also by Directly from the transparent bottle to see the status of food. Ball Jar has a total of 6cm and 9cm two caliber, and a variety of accessories can take the ride, so that the transformation of the food cans for the accompanying cup, soda glass, oil cans for different purposes, the classic retro can body is the kitchen, dining table Another landscape.

Brand country - the United States
Manufacturing origin - the United States
Product material - glass, metal, rubber
Product Size - Ø 6 x 5.7 cm
other instructions-
Provide you with the capacity of each size Description Easy to buy:

Small tank
4oz / 120ml for jam
8oz / 240ml suitable for jam
12oz / 360ml suitable as cup capacity

Medium tank
16oz / 480ml Suitable as cup capacity
24oz / 720ml suitable for salad and other larger amount of things

Large tank
32oz / 960ml suitable for storing coffee beans, flour and other large quantities of things
64oz / 1900ml suitable for storing coffee beans, flour and other large quantities of things

Ball Safety and Precautions:

1. Glass jars goods do not direct fire or use gas stove heating
2. Heat-resistant temperature of -18 degrees Celsius to 220 degrees, the maximum instant heat temperature difference of 80 degrees
3. After removing the glass jar from the refrigerator to be allowed to stand to room temperature before adding hot food or liquid
4 bottles and contents to be completely cooled before they can be placed in the refrigerator freezer
5. If the can body is taken out of the boiling water, please put a thick towel on it in case the temperature difference is too big
6. The original cap is tinplate material, easy to carry, but non-rust material, please try to wipe dry, do not soak in the water, and avoid the use of hard material cleaning, if the surface coating wear will be more prone to oxidation rust. Sealant will also wear over time, if the vacuum preservation needs, it is recommended that each seal are replaced with a new gasket, the cap is a consumable parts, can be purchased separately.
7. Please pay attention to placement and storage location, to avoid percussion or collision, such as found that there have been small cracks do not continue to use
Origin / manufacturing methods
Brand country - Made in the United States - the United States
Origin / manufacturing methods
Mason tank: the United States


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