Changeable wings butterfly necklace geometric (gold) medical thin steel jewelry designer favorite gift

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Magi-Steel Thin Steel Jewelry Butterfly@Taiwan Interchangeable Wing Butterfly Necklace Point Line Surface - Geometric Necklace (Silver) Exclusive structure patent medical grade stainless steel Selected Works of China Good Design Taiwan design, manufacture real MIT Butterfly@Taiwan Structure Creation Concept Structural Design:Moore John "A beautiful land where dreams can be realized" is the greatest gratitude to Taiwan from the designer who returned to Taiwan from Myanmar. With his good structural design, he turned the body of a butterfly into a strong pillar, and Taiwan's beauty and innovation into replaceable wings. The perfect combination of innovative art, And cooperate with Taiwan's outstanding cutting-edge designers to create different styles of butterfly wings, making jewelry a rich and interesting splicing idea Point line surface series In graphic design, points, lines, and planes are the basic elements of graphics. These elements are subtly transformed into wings, and interesting images are changed with body posture, light, shadow, and angle. Design: Elephant Design Li Weijun Geometry: The butterfly's wings are interwoven with geometric intricate lines, and the delicate and light feeling of thin steel is presented by the technology of craftsmanship Craft features Medical grade stainless steel is environmentally friendly and easy to clean and store The smallest point of precision laser cutting can reach 0.1mm Cutting-edge ion plating technology surface carbon-free nickel-free not easy to fade allergies Full R-angle treatment, no scratches on the subtleties, elastic and light 【Product Specifications】 Magi-Steel Butterfly@Taiwan Interchangeable Wing Necklace-Dot Line Surface Series-Geometry Color: golden Product number: whole BFE028; wings BFE027 Body Size: L3.3*W2.3*H0.8cm Body weight: 0.8g Wing (one side) size: L4.7*W3cm Wing (one side) weight: 0.9g Whole size: L4.7*W6.4*H0.8cm Whole weight: 3g Material: ultra-thin medical grade stainless steel Origin: Design and manufacture in Taiwan Accessory necklace (purchasing wings alone does not come with a necklace): silver, stainless steel 38cm, extension chain 5cm Other accessories: packing carton Warranty: None 【Precautions】 . The color of the product picture file may be slightly different due to the difference in computer screen settings, please refer to the actual product color, please forgive me. . According to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, during the product appreciation period (the appreciation period is not the trial period), if you need to return or exchange the product, please keep the product intact, please keep the "new and unused" state and complete packaging (including the purchased product, accessories, original factory Outer boxes and original packaging, random documents, gifts, packaging color boxes, etc. must be kept intact) ‧When cleaning, you can use a soft cloth to wipe it. If there is dirt in the empty space of the basket, you can use a neutral detergent or rinse it directly with water and brush it lightly with a soft brush; Harder brushes (such as steel brushes or special scouring pads for pots and pans), so as not to damage the surface gloss or cause scratches ‧Since the stainless steel material conducts heat and dissipates heat quickly, please do not place it directly in the sun for more than 20 minutes. If you have been directly exposed to the sun for more than 20 minutes, please put it in a cool place or cool it with water before wearing it


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Magi-Steel Thin Steel Jewelry Butterfly@Taiwan Dot Line Surface - Geometric Necklace (Gold) Interchangeable Wing Butterfly Necklace Exclusive structure patent medical grade stainless steel Selected Works of China Good Design Taiwan design, manufacture real MIT


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