MB-033 Auburn Classic Pet Scissors Partial Pruning Corgi Chain Soaked with Mango

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Classic partial trimming electric scissors/belly/butt/foot hair



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MB-033 Auburn Classic Pet Scissors Partial Pruning Corgi Chain Soaked with Mango


**MB-033 Auburn Classic Pet Scissors** ● Auburn classic pet electric scissors, best-selling NO.1 ● Ceramic cutter head, effectively reducing 70% of the hot ● Swedish stainless steel safety blade, not easy to hurt the fur ● Japanese Mabuchi motor, first-class performance ● Made in Taiwan, one year free warranty from the original factory **Classic partial trimming/belly/butt/foot hair** Discounted price NT$ 1480 https://youtu.be/IDfET0MURE4 https://7627.cyberbiz.tw/s/files/7627/ckeditor/pictures/content_742ee0aa-f3b6-4e5f-ae28-77466f5900ee.jpg https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/7627/ckeditor/pictures/content_eb03db83-87a0-4c5e-ae6d-9dc2e76207ec.jpg https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/7627/ckeditor/pictures/content_1467afed-94f7-4dc0-8778-da94be8ff2b5.jpg https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/7627/ckeditor/pictures/content_5d161f7f-9b04-4e1a-84b1-fb148bf6c5e3.jpg **Ceramic cutter head, reduce 70% hotness** When the electric shears are in operation, they will generate heat due to the friction of the blades, and the heat will slowly accumulate over time. Ceramics have the characteristics of faster heat dissipation, so choosing pet shears with ceramic blades can reduce heat conduction by 70% and reduce heat. **The rounded corner design of the safety cutter head can be used safely without scratching or pulling hair** MB-033 Auburn's classic pet, with a safe design with rounded corners at the front end of the cutter head, which can touch delicate skin at any angle and is safe to use. **Sweden imported SANDVIK stainless steel blade, the world's No. 1 knife brand** Especially choose the top Swedish SANDVIK stainless steel blade, which is the world's first brand of metal cutting tools. **Mabuchi motor imported from Japan, first-class horsepower performance** Equipped with Mabuchi motor imported from Japan, super horsepower, allowing you to use it quickly and conveniently without blocking your hair. https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/7627/ckeditor/pictures/content_f21bf315-9edc-4f31-82c4-afbfebb8cf21.jpg https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/7627/ckeditor/pictures/content_da2261c3-2955-4ba6-b262-a8206387a94d.jpg https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/7627/ckeditor/pictures/content_18eb2357-988d-4d67-8aab-c1a2fc8d13b9.jpg https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/7627/ckeditor/pictures/content_6dfcdb96-cc8f-4707-8187-b9c33a2d79ad.gif https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/7627/ckeditor/pictures/content_7f345914-56cb-4f6c-b628-d18c143d1796.jpg **Auburn Classic Pet Scissors** Endless love, hidden details Discover details, discover love, belly, soles, butt, trimmed clean and healthy regularly, Start now to make your baby bounce and laugh every day. **Specifications** MB-033 Auburn Classic Pet Scissors Product size: 15 cm x 4.5 cm x 3.6 cm Product weight: 190 grams Motor brand: Japan MABUCHI motor Blade material: ceramic/Swedish Sandvik stainless steel Use time: about 90 minutes (hair condition will affect the length of use) Charging time: 6~8 hours, 110V/60Hz direct current (Taiwan specification) **If I don't try it, how do I know if it goes smoothly?** We know that in order to choose a good electric scissors, you have done enough homework, Compare prices, compare performance, worry about whether you will use it, will the furry kids at home be afraid? Our suggestion is: why not just buy it home and try it out? URBANER Auburn Electric Scissors provide a seven-day appreciation period of "real machine use", After receiving it, welcome to open it and use it immediately. If you are not satisfied, The goods can be returned unconditionally within 7 days, In just a few steps, we will immediately send a car to the house to pick up the mail. Will not add any additional costs to you, In addition, we also provide a one-year free maintenance warranty, Peace of mind and satisfaction are our persistence. https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/7627/ckeditor/pictures/content_91a84d84-5791-406d-a8a8-7b85fc7306ed.jpg https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/7627/ckeditor/pictures/content_45f9ac8a-4194-4841-9e9d-fb3afea9a073.jpg https://cdn.cybassets.com/s/files/7627/ckeditor/pictures/content_662e0905-5cdc-496e-a9b4-08e880aa2662.jpg


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