Butterfly Ginger Oolong Tea – Taiwan natural scented tea

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Natural scented flower tea new arrival! 10gm sample tea will include in the set item (4 boxes/set)


75g x 1
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Butterfly Ginger Oolong Tea – Taiwan natural scented tea


https://shop.r10s.com/65c/609/a593/4735/50cd/6766/db42/1167e9a9bd0242ac110003.jpg **Exclusive natural scented flower Taiwan tea flower tea! Butterfly Ginger oolong tea* Taiwan Pingtung (屏東) fresh Butterfly Ginger (Ginger Lily)(Garland Flower) mixed with Nantou (南投) lightly roasted oolong tea, after layering over 24 hours of natural scenting…dried with low temperature when the tea leaves fully absorb the floral fragrance, then pick out the most of the dried flowers for to keep the pure tea fragrance. The Butterfly Ginger Oolong tea present a bit of ginger aroma of floral and natural fresh flower odor, exudes a unique tea fragrance, elegant aroma and rich flavor, it is worth to experience! https://shop.r10s.com/2ce/201/7a59/aced/e0e2/67d6/dbe0/11d9e98a750242ac110004.jpg **Freshly Butterfly Ginger in Pingtung, Taiwan** The Butterfly Ginger planted in Pingtung (屏東), Taiwan is a perennial herb. The white flowers of the wild ginger flower from May to November are faintly on the water's edge. The mountains and the wild flowers bloom, as if the butterfly stalks are in the branches, like a group of gatherings. The white butterfly dancing on the wild ginger is also called pansy, butterfly ginger and white pansy. The fresh and elegant floral fragrance in the summer garden is very comfortable... When the Butterfly Ginger was incorporated into Taiwan's oolong tea, the aroma of flower has changed. Although it is not like the fragrance of fresh flowers, in the tea, it gives off a hint of ginger and floral fragrance, and the unique taste of natural purity... I can also feel the scenery of the white swaying swaying in the garden~ https://shop.r10s.com/d9e/ec9/9d5d/8475/70e7/6738/dbb0/11a3e9b8bf0242ac110003.jpg https://shop.r10s.com/29f/92a/1101/e80e/b02d/670c/dbed/1107e9b8bf0242ac110003.jpg https://shop.r10s.com/600/296/b5d9/8f73/7018/67fd/dc5d/11e5e999130242ac110004.jpg https://shop.r10s.com/ce0/de7/845f/e41f/f0d4/67f0/dc83/11c8e983f10242ac110006.jpg https://shop.r10s.com/701/903/3a98/f096/f0a0/6747/dcff/11f9e989030242ac110005.jpg **Base Tea-- light roasted Taiwanese oolong tea with fresh and natural flower fragrance** Our tea is grown in Mingijan Village, Nantou, the biggest tea region in Taiwan with century-old history. A variety named “Four Seasons of Spring” is one of the best tea here, furthermore, this breed has a strong floral fragrance, especially picked in cool seasons like spring or winter. Partial-oxidized and light-baked by a priced tea master who has experienced for more than four decades. This tea forms the basis of our flavored tea, impart freshness and verdant flavors! https://shop.r10s.com/bc1/a9f/db4b/2c73/e0e3/af5f/89fe/118ae5b81b0050569958db.jpg **Intricate and time-consuming tea processes** Tea harvest (mechanical or manual harvest)→ Withering→ Setting Oxidation → Tossing (浪菁)→ repeated eight times or more (drying→ rolling→ unblocking)→ De-stemming→ Drying→ Packaging. https://shop.r10s.com/4b7/2fe/f67c/0ba9/e069/606a/dbd7/118fe58eb3005056ae0b35.jpg **How to Brew** Hot Brew Small teapot of 200 ml (1) 5 grams of tea leaf into teapot with 150ml of boiling water; (2) First brew for 90 secs. Second brew for 60 to 90 secs; extend 10 to 20 sec after each brew. (Can be re-brewed for 5 to 6 times) Easy Brew (1) 5 grams of tea leaf into teapot with 350ml to 500ml of boiling water. (2) First brew for 3 minutes. Extend 1 to 2 minutes after each brew. (Can be re-brewed 3-4 times) Cold Brew (1) 5 grams of tea leaf into teapot with 350 to 500 ml of cold water. (2) Storage into refrigerator for 6 to 8 hours or until the liquid becomes golden yellow. https://shop.r10s.com/b88/b4e/669b/959a/b0e5/2c90/5038/1150e582fd0050569950e1.jpg Product: Butterfly Ginger Oolong Tea Ingredient: Oolong tea, Butterfly Ginger Origin: Nantou, Taiwan Net Weight: 75g/can, 100g/box, 100gx4boxes/set(include 10gm sample) Type: Loose Package: Vacuum packaging bag (inside) Packing size: 27x17x10cm Valid period: 2 years Note: Please tighten the bag to avoid air exposure, or it'll increase the chances that tea absorbs moisture and odors. Store in a dark cabinet or completely opaque container, and avoid storing tea in humid areas. Sealed in a refrigerator can extend the time of preservation. (Can be stock over 2 years if be kept in a good status.) * Color may be slightly different as displayed on different devices and screens. *Shipping date (1) Taiwan order: this will take about 2-5 business days, if you need arrival quicker, please choose "Home delivery". (2) International order: this will take about 5-10 business days. *Pinkoi return method: https://pinkoi.com/policy#~g *Pinkoi refund method: https://pinkoi.com/my/refund


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