Pregnancy Mommy Health Tea - Nutritional Supplement during Pregnancy

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From the moment of pregnancy, Mommy's nutrition is in sync with the baby's growth and health. Good and balanced nutrition is the main source of baby development, and it is an important foundation for Mommy's postpartum supplementation and radia


Windmill Living

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Pregnancy Mommy Health Tea - Nutritional Supplement during Pregnancy


According to the statistics, 2% of pregnant women lack iron, 60% have trouble with morning sickness, 90% calcium intake is insufficient... ▼ From the moment of pregnancy Mommy's nutrition is in sync with the baby's growth and health. Good and balanced nutrition is the main source of baby development It is also an important foundation for Mommy's postpartum supplementation and radiance! Windmill life | pregnant mommy health tea Dear Mommy who has been pregnant for three months The 90-day days of anticipation and discomfort have passed, and now the baby will grow rapidly. Let us put down the tension and feel the exclusive pregnancy time of the baby, and keep this good in my heart. After three months, the metabolism of Mommy will accelerate, and the gastrointestinal function begins to weaken. There are often cases of flatulence, constipation, dizziness and poor sleep. Nutritional supplements are even more important at this time! The windmill life uses pure natural natural ingredients, and adheres to the principle of prenatal remedy combined with the theory of Western nutrition to give a good supply. | Ingredients and supplements Select cool materials such as Atractylodes, Rehmannia, Poria, Lily, White Pestle, Oatmeal, Black Sesame, etc., and give the pregnant mother a mild and appropriate supplement. For moms who have been pregnant for more than three months, carefully select cold ingredients, regulate physiological functions during pregnancy, and promote metabolism and digestive tract function. Timely supplement vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, calcium and iron to meet the nutrients needed during pregnancy to supplement the nutrients that are lacking during pregnancy. | Applicable objects and recommended dosage Suitable Pregnancy for more than three months pregnant mommy If you have a special symptom, please consult your doctor before drinking. Recommended dosage Recommended consumption: one pack a day | How to use Hot flushing Brew with 250c.c hot water and wait for 3-5 minutes to drink. Repeatable backflushing to no taste. Stew carefully After stewing for 15 minutes in water at 450 c.c, add meat to prepare a stew. | Why choose windmill life? Adhere to the optimal conditioning concept The life of the windmill constantly researches and tests the maternal health and nutritional needs, and upholds the principle of optimal conditioning for pregnant women, combined with the conditioning products that Chinese and Western medical development will truly follow the changes of the body. Roots of medicine and food: 100 kinds of medicines are purchased in person, and SGS test does not contain pesticides and heavy metal residues. Quality Assurance: ISO20000 certified manufacturer, more assured of eating Peace of Mind Protection: Global Product Liability Insurance 30 Million Overseas first choice: provide English customs clearance information clearance, worry, many overseas locations to buy easy, global can be delivered | Product specifications ◆ Product Name: Windmill Life Pregnant Mommy Health Tea ◆ Food Type: Tea Bag ◆ Ingredients: Astragalus, Rehmannia glutinosa, licorice, Atractylodes, Chinese yam, Lily, etc. ◆ Content volume (g/ml): 13g/pack; 15 packs/box ◆ Date of manufacture: as shown in the product packaging ◆ Shelf life: 2 years ◆ Storage: Please keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. ◆ Origin: Taiwan


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