Multi-functional Corocoro coin purse / with fastener pocket / name possible / made in Japan / g-23-l [customizable gift]

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Japlish Leather Goods Made in JAPAN
Japlish Leather Goods Made in JAPAN
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Multi-functional Corocoro coin purse / with fastener pocket / name possible / made in Japan / g-23-l [customizable gift]

รายละเอียดสินค้า It can also be used as a wallet! 3rd popular series "I want to use the g-23 series as a wallet that can hold bills because it can be folded in two." This is the birth of a roll case that can also be used as a wallet. **1 space when you open the cute form lid. Furthermore, there are 2 spaces when the inner lid is opened.** One of the spaces is a zipper pocket, which is a feature of the L size. It can be used as a wallet, but it is also attractive as a pouch for organizing accessories. Camel leather is used for various points. How about a cute wallet pouch that makes you feel relieved every time you use it? It has the same silhouette as the most popular accordion long wallet g-10. -- Size/Specs/Similar Products-- [size and specifications] ・Width: 14.5cm ・Height: 9.5cm ・Depth: 4.5cm ・Weight: 150g 【spec】 ・Sewing machine thread color: Thread color that matches the machine ・National flag embroidery: Spain ・Number of pockets: 3 ・Fastener pocket: 1 place ・Material: Cowhide ・Metal fittings: Iron ・Thread: Polyester 🔻 Leather color can be selected from 5 colors 🟧 Lightbrown : Leather-like color that changes over time 🟫 Darkbrown : Recommended for those who want a leather-like look while being familiar with it right away. 🟩 Green : Chic green color is unusual 🟥 Red : Especially popular with women for its elegant redness rather than its vivid color 🟫 Black : Classic leather color for men and women of all ages that does not show dirt 🚚Free shipping ⏱10-14 days from order to delivery 🔻Recommended for those who are looking at this product❗ [Most popular in the CoroCoro series M size g-23-m] [The brand's most popular accordion long wallet g-10] [Hard leather and functional same type wallet g-52] **[Sewing paid nameplate 🔠]** You can sew a name carved seal for an additional charge of about 72 NTD / 18 HKD / 330 yen. If you would like to engrave your name, please select the option [Sewing with paid name engraving]. Please enter the spelling of the name in the [message field] that appears when you advance the cart. Example 1: JULLAN Example 2: LIU JETT ⚠️Uppercase letters *Lowercase letters and numbers are not allowed ⚠️No more than 10 characters ⚠️ The color of the nameplate is light brown regardless of the leather color of the main body. **Sewing thread and Embroidery thread can be changed for free. Feel free to enjoy original leather products.** 🔽**The following 11 thread colors can be selected for both sewing thread and embroidery** ⬜**white** 🟥**red** 🟩**green** 🔵**light blue** 🟦**navy** 🟫**kahki** ⬛**black** 🟧**gold** 🟫**brown** 🟨**yellow** 🟪**purple** **■ How to change sewing thread and embroidery** Please fill in the message field that appears when you advance the cart. Example:**"Sewing thread: red, embroidery: green, white, navy from top"** ⭕ Even if you change the thread or embroidery, the delivery date will not change as usual. Please feel free to order leather products with your own specifications! **➕Buy 2 or more and get a discount!** 🔸We offer a discounted price because the shipping fee is only one time. 🔸 Different types of products are eligible for discounts. 🔸The more you buy, the more discount you get. (refer to the following) ◆Buy 2 products → 500JPY / 110NTD / 26HKD discount ◆Buy 3 products → 1000JPY / 220NTD / 52HKD discount ◆Buy 4 products → 1500JPY / 330NTD / 78HKD discount ⚠️The discount amount may vary slightly depending on the currency rate. ⚠️ Up to 4 products are subject. If you order 5 or more products, a discount of 4 products will be applied. 🎁**Free Gift Wrapping Service** 🖋Please proceed to the purchase screen and write "I would like gift wrapping" in the message field. **★Shipping is free to Asian regions such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Singapore, and Japan★** **Best Seller of Japlish** **Long wallet・Bi-fold wallet・Another wallet** **Pouch/Glass case/Coin case** **Keycase ・ Variety goods** **Stationery** **Bag/Ruck/Tote** **View all products** **⚓Japlish is an atelier born in Fukuoka, Japan in 2009.** We produce leather products with a three-person system of two male creators and one female photographer. There are three things to keep in mind during production. 🔨**1: Reliable Made in Japan** It is a warm leather product made by skilled Japanese craftsmen. The leather used is Japanese cowhide with a moderate thickness. It is a leather product that is very sturdy and can be used for a long time. 🔨**2: Orders that can be enjoyed without additional charge** We don't keep stock, we make it after receiving an order. Therefore, you can enjoy the original specifications by changing the sewing thread and embroidery for free. 🔨**3: Fast production and delivery system** 🚚 Free shipping / ⏱ About 10-16 days for delivery


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🚚 Free shipping / ⏱ About 10-16 days for delivery A cute form wallet with a colon. Bills can also be stored by folding in half. 3 spaces in total. 📐【Size】 ・Width: 14.5cm ・Height: 9.5cm ・Depth: 4.5cm


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