Little Lucky Strawberry Crystal Moonstone Pink Crystal Bracelet - Your Wish Comes True

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Little Lucky Strawberry Crystal Moonstone Pink Crystal Bracelet - Your Wish Comes True

รายละเอียดสินค้า ︱concept of design︱ Little Lucky Strawberry Crystal Moonstone Pink Crystal Bracelet - The Beauty of Life "Serendipty", refers to the inadvertent beauty, the accidental luck of life Thinking of this feeling, this bracelet was born I really like this fresh and cute color scheme like a pixie in the hand Hope this is a piece that makes you smile when you see it Brings a lot of little luck that comes easily :) crystal: Strawberry crystal/star powder crystal/white crystal/moonstone Chakras: Heart Chakra / Crown Chakra - *Default elastic rope style, can be changed to wire buckle style for an extra $100 Please place your order here: *If you don't need a brand tag, you can remark in the order *Reminder: The styles of buckles and pendants may be slightly different, the styles are for reference ︱Dimensions︱ Strawberry crystal 6mm White crystal 6mm Moonstone 5.5-6mm ︱Material Description︱ Natural crystal, 14K thick gold plated hardware ▪ The size of the order placed on the web page is the actual size of the finished product received. Example: Customer A's hand circumference is 13.3cm, and can choose 13-13.5cm (close to hand) or 13.5-14cm (slightly loose). If you choose 13-13.5, the finished product size is about 13.5cm. ▪ The general production period is about 7 days (excluding holidays), and it may take 10-14 days for large orders. If you have special needs for urgent items or gifts, please contact the designer first. ▪LE LOISIR prefers natural crystal. Crystals have their own energy, but more importantly, people's thoughts. It is normal for natural crystals to have ice cracks/cotton/miscellaneous spots/size/color difference. And there will be slight differences between different batches of goods, if there are obvious differences, it will be notified separately If you have any questions, please send a private message to communicate. If you can accept this situation and then bid, you will not accept the return request for the above reasons. :) ▪ Due to the different sizes of beads, the size may not be accurate sometimes, the actual finished product may be slightly larger, and the error value does not exceed 0.5cm. Note: If the error is within a reasonable range, if you want to modify it, the buyer needs to pay the freight and modification fee of $150 ▪ Please carefully measure the size of the hand circumference. If the size is not caused by the designer's factors, you must pay the return shipping fee and the modification fee of $150. ▪ For special size, please contact the designer first, such as below 13CM or above 17CM ▪ If there is no special remarks, an order (same address) will be packed in a gift box by default ▪ Each order will come with a branded carton, so you have a good mood as a gift for your own use: ) ▪ Gift Guide: Female skeleton is too small, hand circumference 13-14.5cm Female Skeleton Medium Hand Circumference 14.5-16cm The female skeleton is too large and the hand circumference is 16-18cm The average girl's hand circumference is 14-15cm. If you are not sure about the size, you can purchase it and change it to a wire buckle type. ▲It is not recommended to take a bath or sleep with hand-made jewelry. Do not pull it on and off to avoid contact with chemicals. ▲14K gold injection -Non-electroplating, 14K gold-filled (gold-filled) is a permanent bond between gold and the base metal under high pressure and high temperature. The gold content of 5% is much thicker than electroplating. Gold-injected accessories can not fade for several years, but the surface will still oxidize and darken. At this time, you can use a gold-wiping cloth or a Silver-wiping cloth to wipe it, or wash it with a neutral detergent after each wearing, and store it after it is completely dry. ▲How to avoid oxidative darkening around the crystal pores? The crystal pores must be regularly wiped dry, and the storage environment should be kept dry, and a desiccant can be placed (requires regular replacement). If it turns black, the pores can only be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner, or sent back for paid repair and replacement. ▲Gold-plated/ Silver accessories Gold/ Silver is made of precious metals such as gold and Silver on the outer layer, and the metal on the outer layer will wear, oxidize and fade over time. Maintenance method Keep it dry as much as possible, avoid contact with sweat and chemicals, and wipe it after wearing to maintain the color.


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Unique and delicate crystal bracelet, warm your body and mind


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