Happy baby group

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● Drag and drop design training baby to walk steadily in the game ● Promote sensory stimulation and color development ●



1 - 3 วัน
Happy baby group


**RUNALAND - happy baby group (small bee phone car + do not fall eggs + catch small fish friends +12 balls)**

**Gift box with gift card! Lets you write down your baby's blessings~**

__Baby haul music phone car - yellow bee__
The lovely and colorful bee is the baby's favorite color!
In the 12 months or so baby is learning to walk from the stage of climbing, Mom and Dad can use the bee, open the music, drag the bee, cute music to attract the baby, you can train to crawl forward!

__Don't throw a bath__
Baby senses develop from hearing> vision> touch, baby is sensitive to sound and full of curiosity, ringing can help stimulate brain development.
4 months to develop vision, parents can roll without throwing eggs to attract the baby, let the baby perform visual tracking skills.
Bathing the tumbler in the bath helps increase the fun of the bath so that young children like to take a bath and help to recognize buoyancy and gravity.

__Catch fish and good friends__
Since the baby was born one month ago, the small hand is still in a state of tight grip. Parents can give their baby a finger massage every day, or help a small hand to catch small fish and good friends, which can help stimulate brain development.
From three to five months onwards, students learn to grab objects by hand. The soft little fish is safe and does not harm the baby. The shape and size are suitable for grasping.
Including BB siren, parents can let the baby try to control their own hands, shaking, kneading, to appease the baby unease, and give a sense of security and the development of a variety of small muscle movements!
The baby bites it, can relieve baby's gum discomfort, train chewing ability, stimulate oral development.
Usually can be placed on the baby's bed to let him play; bathing, good friends floating on the water, press cetaceans-like cry, increase the fun of the bath.
The amphibious small fish good friend also has three kinds of gentle colors at the same time, two kinds of material cloth and a BB apparatus, the size is moderately good grasps, helps the baby the brain, the vision and the hand-eye coordination development.
The baby can make good friends sound or float on the water by tapping and grasping the action, thus experiencing the simple principle of causality and buoyancy.

__MIT Taiwan Made Nontoxic Safety Game Ball - 7cm in Diameter__
The game ball is made in Taiwan, with a diameter of 7cm, a foot thickness, and a PE material. The material is safe and environment-friendly. It is not easy to fade and eliminate wind. It is also certified by Taiwan ST Safety Toys and is suitable for children! It is definitely not the mainland that imports Taiwanese packaging lied to Taiwan!

**Through the children's toy safety specification**
Through the world's most rigorous toy inspection specification EU EN71, and Taiwan ST safety toy certification, dual protection, Mom and Dad super assured!


__RUNALAND - happy baby group (small bee phone car X1 + do not fall eggs X1 + catch small fish friends X1 +12 ball)__
**Name: baby drag music phone car - yellow bee**
The main material: plastic, electronic IC parts
Applicable age: 12 months or more

**Name: Bell Tumbler**
The main material: plastic, iron
Applicable age: 3 months or more

**Name of Product: Bath Friend (3 in/Group)**
Main material: cloth, filler, plastic flutes
Applicable age: 3 months or more

**Product Name: MIT Taiwan Color Game Ball**
The main material: PE plastic
Applicable age: 36 months or more

**The above electronic products are not attached with batteries. Please purchase separately. It is recommended to use common carbon zinc batteries. Do not use strong alkaline batteries.**

‧ Non-similar batteries or old and new batteries cannot be mixed.
‧ Batteries must be placed in positive and negative directions. The two poles must not be short-circuited.
‧Do not use the unit for a long time. Please remove the battery.
‧ Exhausted batteries must be removed from the toy.
‧ Do not put the product accessories in the mouth so as not to risk eating.
‧ Do not place the product near a fire source to avoid danger.
‧ Functional toys must be used under the direct supervision of adults.
‧ If the unit is damaged or deformed, do not use it again.


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