The indigo tie-dye Organic linen handkerchief (bandana)

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The indigo tie-dye Organic linen handkerchief (bandana)


Dyed, this indigo dyeing by Me craftsman indigo laden with training in Tokushima home.
Is said to be natural lye fermentation-denominated (natural lye fermentation Date), it has a Aizen by a technique that does not change from the Edo period.
And Sukumo fermented the Tadeai, such as by using the wheat off to make a dyed liquid in the indigo jar, we encourage the fermentation and stir every day.
For dyed and not fermentation does not turn, it is the real thing that only can be dyed to spring-autumn.

Completely natural plant only made dyed liquid, it is managed on a daily basis to continue the fermentation put about 200L to Aiu.
Saka's craftsmen, eyes and smell, touch, sometimes licking, and check the status.
In a good way, if you are able to mix a variety of organic matter, that's why the, you deep beautiful colors of this indigo dyeing unique comes out.

This book indigo indigo jar, with the fabrics and product dyeing, massaged, adapt to firm dough.
Not the color enters in the abc, contact with air (oxygen), and Yuki contains the color by oxidation.
Since it is not color enters clearly at once like a chemical dye, this several times a day, repeat over one to two weeks. In this way, Masu Yuki to fix the color piled dyed over a number of times and time.
It will be as it dipped and plain but, by techniques that stop (aperture), I put the handle.

Aperture, when performing a dyed immersed in Aiu, tying folded cloth, or through a needle, you dyed by changing the shape and squeeze the cloth.
By the shape of the cloth, divided into parts dye to enter, enter not part.
Those to the handle by applying this is called aperture pattern
Because there is not some, such as the type, not the clear color of the border, all will be in the gradient.
Infinite strength of indigo is mingle pattern from white to dark blue is, deep inside is really beautiful.

The indigo dyeing is not just a deep blue, such as red and green, it has been said to be in this color mix a variety of colors.
Actually you can see in sunlight, and or rock, reddish or visible, is a cloth with or looked blackish, with or tinged purple, a rich look.
Plant dyeing memo, called a mirror the vivid colors in order to carry out the diffuse reflection, but this area is, this was a true charm of natural dyed.

This pattern is, and patterns that squeeze round, a combination of patterns such as herringbone, was tailored to the handle of the bandana design.
Attitude of the pattern when folded is also exquisite.

Material Organic linen 100% natural lye fermentation-denominated

[Size] 45 × 45cm

[Contact us when purchase]
Because indigo is manual, fine handle portion and the color tone is subtly different from one by one, please acknowledge.

The customer's wish, simply seeing a photograph of the stock worth, you can choose.

In the message at the time of your order, please do not hesitate to tell.


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