Bidian // hand-twisted hand-woven. Cotton plant dyed multifunctional large shawl

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Comfortable natural handmade towels, suitable for autumn and winter, Christmas and New Year gifts ~ Material: 100% cotton hand-twisted + hand-woven Dye: pure natural plant dye Dimensions: 60 x 200 cm Origin / manufacturing methods Yangga x 寮国 村 friendly co



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Bidian // hand-twisted hand-woven. Cotton plant dyed multifunctional large shawl


I want to save the colors of sunlight, forest and land layer by layer into the cloth for you. From the pure land of the Pu'er nationality in Lao Country, the natural cotton that grows out, through natural plant impregnation method, traditional weaving process, after careful design, has a mission to meet you. The green color of the lake made from the natural fermentation of blue indigo Plus hand-twisted fibers of varying thickness Impressive and delicate texture It is a good item that is easy to match with various daily home and clothes in the four seasons / Product description and story / Each mountain and river has its own appearance. Every weaver girl mother circulates a unique river weave pattern to every transformed daughter. Each family has its own unique method of dyeing and weaving, Thousands of daughters inherit the teachings of their mothers, Then through my own feelings of the earth, mountains and rivers, Then change the dyeing and weaving into a new look. Fathers and brothers will go back and forth on the land, Plant and collect dyeable plants, Architecture and details of a bamboo or wooden construction loom. The power of heaven and earth parents complete together. * Note: This product is handmade, and we will ship it after careful inspection, but there may still be the following reasonable conditions: natural fiber thickness varies, fiber color is uneven, or there are natural impurities such as germ shells, seeds, and weave Because the hand-twisted fiber is produced by the imperfect and different mechanical specifications of the manual process. Photos may also have chromatic aberrations. Unacceptable, perfectionists, please think twice before buying. Thank you! *laundry guide: Natural fabrics are just like nature ~ They will change with time and usage habits. The way of care and preservation is actually very simple. You are welcome to come and learn together, and slowly develop your own unique fabrics. This description is also applicable to other natural dyes. Fabrics! 1. It is better to wash by hand. It is not recommended to use a washing machine for machine washing, but it can be put in a laundry bag and dried in the shade. 2. Please use a neutral detergent, such as a little dishwashing detergent or cold detergent, wash it with "hand rubbing", and dry in a cool place. It can be ironed at low temperature. 3. When the natural dyed cloth is cleaned for the first time, some slight discoloration is natural. Do not mix with other light-colored laundry. 4. Do not use detergents containing fluorescent bleach. 5. Please prepare a bucket of hot water (50-80 degrees, it is recommended that you can use a pot of hot water to prepare it when you take a bath) 6. Directly put a single piece of hand-woven cloth into the basin and soak it for 10 minutes. The hot water will dissolve the dirt and grease in the cloth. After 10 minutes, you can gently scrub it and put it in the laundry bag. 7. Let the fabric be well preserved and can be dried, but it is recommended to dry in the shade. * Blue dyed fabric supplement 8. Blue-dyed fabrics have different color components. Washing in hot water can help them release, and choose to obliquely when it is not in the middle of the sun, which can improve the color brightness. 9. Do not fold the blue dyed fabric in the sun or the lamp for a long time, as the color difference will change over a long period of time. 10. If the blue dyed fabric is not to be worn for a long time, it is recommended to store it in a chain bag and keep it sealed. // About Yang Ga // Have you ever touched an undyed hand-woven cloth that grew from undyed land and then woven through layers of vitality? Each unique handicraft from cotton, pure silk, ramie, and linen tells a different life story. Since 2014, Yangga has gone deep into the village & Thai village natural materials handmade fabrics & village sustainable development cooperation plan. Fabrics made of natural materials can preserve the sustainable development of the environment and culture of many traditional communities in the world. You are welcome to feel the nourishment of nature.


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