Provence Herb Honey 250g

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This honey, a total of four kinds of flower nectar collected from honeybees Source of nectar: ​​fragrant mint flowers, r


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Provence Herb Honey 250g


Product Name: Provence Herb Honey 250g This honey, a total of four kinds of flower nectar collected from honeybees Source of nectar: fragrant mint flowers, rosemary flowers, thyme flowers, eucalyptus flowers The taste is elegant and fresh, naturally sweet The purest and pollution-free natural organic honey from Provence, France A variety of herbaceous plants that grow in a 1500-pitch Provence winery No pesticides pollute the environment and cooperate with the local French farmer who has been awarded the grandfather who has rich experience in organic farming. The honey obtained is a certificate of superior honey certification above the French agricultural organic inspection standard value. The best natural honey, delicious and nutritious. Recommended way to enjoy: * Directly dig natural honey with a wooden spoon, and directly taste the most natural Provencal season-limited honey * Adding honey and lemon with warm water has beauty and beauty, it can also help gastrointestinal digestion and absorption (very helpful for constipation) * Can be added to milk, black tea, fresh milk and other great flavor * It is used to make desserts such as honey cakes, muffins and muffins. Or simple and tasteless, add a spoonful of honey preservation method: Natural 100% honey has no shelf life and can be stored in a cool place. It will crystallize as the temperature changes. It is a natural phenomenon of natural honey. Do not need to store in the refrigerator or freezer. Remember to dig honey with dry utensils. Precautions: Children younger than 2 years old are not suitable for eating honey. Due to its vast land area and abundance of natural resources, the Abbaye Saint Hilaire Winery in Southern France has adopted natural farming methods. Five years ago, in order to make good use of the natural goodness given by heaven, the winery began to seek for honey professionals. Mr. Guisiano Bee is 76 years old and has been beekeeper for more than 50 years. Honey has been awarded the highest French rouge certification for agriculture, and in France it is reputed as mr. bee, so we began cooperation with Mr. Bee five years ago. He talked about his way of beekeeping and how to get honey. We immediately signed a contract with him to start bee-keeping honey, bee-keeping and honey-picking is not a difficult task. However, when it comes to professionalism, it is a lot of unfamiliar beliefs and attitudes. Mr. Bee’s honey is like taking care of his own family. Whether it is wind or rain, he must come to visit the beehive every two or three days. More importantly, there is a belief that honey bees are covered with honeycombs (next to the honey box). In addition to taking honey, they must always leave at least 1/5 of the honey for the bees to enjoy instead of exhausting them. In the summer, lavender grows in the winery, as well as a vast forest area and rare species of wild flowers in nature. Because the winery adopts natural agriculture to protect the land and does not use insecticides and chemical drugs. Bees live in it. Happy honey collected in natural environment, our honey is therefore more delicate texture, more secure, taste more rich and rich taste. In addition, all honey is certified by the highest French ribbon rouge! This certification is a quality and pollution-free (organic) certification in France. Each season there are different flower species in the wineries. So bonbonmisha has different single-variety nectar to give you taste in Taiwan every season in France! Origin / manufacturing methods France


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