MC | Natural Moonstone + Sunstone Rainbow Clavicle Chain Wax Necklace

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Three cute moonstones are combined to light up your summer collarbone ~ You can also stack them with other rainbow series for better flavor ... ^ ^



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MC | Natural Moonstone + Sunstone Rainbow Clavicle Chain Wax Necklace

รายละเอียดสินค้า | Undressing | I am searching for interesting and eye-catching ore Some of them were purchased by Yizhi five or six years ago to accompany them. Don't rush to make them Some problems that cannot be solved now will accumulate and ferment over time Maybe one day, "Aura" will appear. When it was done in the early morning I made a gesture in front of the mirror to drive away all drowsiness Colors make people happy and joyful. Shines even more in the sun This time I used small and cute ore and each has a different design Variations in color and different feelings through the free combination of natural beads Can also be stacked with other rainbow series for better flavor Every ore is in search of uniqueness. Take it home if you like == 一 物 一 图 , The goods are the same as the picture ==!2~5!2~5~5~5!2~5~5!2~5!2~5!2~5~5!5~A | Main Stone | Moonstone Size: 0.9 x 0.6 cm Place of Origin: India | Accessory | Gold Beads: 925 Silver Gold Plated Accessories: Moonstone + various natural bare stones (Kyanite + Moonstone + Grapestone + Citrine + Zircon + Agate) Tail buckle: Amethyst (only one tail buckle is fixed and cannot be adjusted) | Wire | Extra fine wax thread (fine and shiny) | chain size | Length: 42.5 cm (this one has only an amethyst tail buckle, so it is a fixed length) | Remarks | If you have a request for the length of the necklace, you can indicate it in a note or private message. | About Moonstone | Moonstone has always been a favorite secret of women The stone looks like it is warm, soft, and soft. The faint blue light adds a sense of mystery to the moonstone and also adds charm to you. It is a mineral that best reflects your inner emotions. The happier you are, the clearer and more moist it is, and the more rainbow light appears; If you are full of negative energy, it will become dull and even gray and black. At night, put it by the window in the moonlight and recharge it. Moonstone is helpful for healing heart and umbilical trauma. -Easy feelings and smooth feelings are the cornerstones of resolving couple disputes. It is one of the love stones to enhance the charm and feminine essence of women. -Enhance the understanding between the couple and make the relationship more harmonious. -Helps calm thinking and improve impatience. -Increase self-confidence, help grow, calm emotions, attract love, expand the horizon of the mind, and make people feel cheerful. -Strengthen the sixth sense of the individual and develop spirituality, anti-depression, can treat insomnia. | Maintenance | Select very fine imported wax line Durable and non-fading wash with mild detergent After washing with water, place it in a ventilated place to air dry


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