As an azure glaze mug / soup cup

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S.A Arts & Crafts
S.A Arts & Crafts
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As an azure glaze mug / soup cup


A mug made by combining a matte blue glaze reminiscent of the colors of the sky and the sea and white clay with a simple and rough texture. By firing at a high temperature of over 1200 ° C, a pattern that flows into the glaze is created, creating a unique atmosphere in combination with the rough soil surface. A generous size that is slightly larger for a mug. The deep color and the calm atmosphere go well with coffee and cafe au lait. It is also recommended for soups and dessert cups. For production, we have a small electric furnace and an electric potter's wheel at home, and we perform all the processes from clay kneading to molding, unglazed, glaze, and main firing by hand. Although it cannot be mass-produced, each one has its own expression, and you can enjoy the taste of the manual work. The item to be delivered will be the same as the item image. We will file and deliver the ground plane so as not to damage the table as much as possible. The item to be delivered will be the same as the image. The surface to be installed with the table will be sanded and delivered. I hope that the color of the glaze and the atmosphere unique to pottery will become one of the daily colors. -------- * Size and weight * Size: Caliber 10.4 cm Height 4.7 cm Height 7.1 cm Weight: 237g -------- * Precautions for purchase and use ・ Pottery is water-absorbent due to its characteristics, and in some cases, the color may stain or water may seep out. Therefore, we do not need to stop the product because we will ship the product after it has been treated with a water blocking agent for tableware. Since it takes 2 to 3 days to stop the water, the period from ordering to shipping is 5 days. If you do not need it after the water stop agent, please let us know at the time of purchase. ・ The product image is taken and edited so that it looks as real as possible, but it may look different depending on the monitor environment and light conditions. Please note. ・ Since it is also sold on other sites, in the unlikely event that purchases overlap, we will deliver it to the person who made the purchase procedure first. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please be forewarned. -Although it can be used in a microwave oven (warm) or dishwasher, it may accelerate deterioration due to vibration caused by microwaves or spraying of hot water. We would appreciate it if you could refrain from doing so. ・ Please refrain from using in an oven or an open flame. ・ After use, wash thoroughly and dry thoroughly before storing in a cupboard, etc. to prevent stains and mold.


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A mug with an impressive blue color reminiscent of the sky and the sea. The flowing pattern and rough texture are unique to pottery. You can enjoy it as a soup cup as well as coffee and cafe au lait.


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