Sterling silver [璀璨 lucky grass] lucky lucky five elements bead bracelet ** increase the overall fortune [this year]

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Made of sterling silver wire and silver chain. [Crystal size: 8 mm] ***Titanium crystal [about 8.5mm]*** Wear the five elements of the beads to adjust the magnetic field energy to achieve the effect of avoiding evil



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Sterling silver [璀璨 lucky grass] lucky lucky five elements bead bracelet ** increase the overall fortune [this year]


Made of sterling silver wire and silver chain. [Crystal size approx.: 8 mm] Wuxingzhu uses five kinds of energy, "wood, fire, earth, gold and water", which are the most primitive of nature, to form an unbreakable strong magnetic field, and the corresponding colors are green (green), red, yellow, white and black. Five colors. Generally, the five patterns are arranged in five patterns, and the five lines of principle are arranged to produce endless energy. According to the color of the corresponding five lines, the bracelet can be worn on the hand to avoid evil. It can make up for the lack of the five elements worn by the wearer to change the wearer's gas field and strengthen the magnetic field. For gas transportation, body and career, Feelings are helpful. When you don't know that you are missing one of the five elements, you can adjust your magnetic field energy to achieve the effect of avoiding the evils by wearing the five elements of beads. Especially wearing the beads, it is said that it can effectively improve its energy magnetic field, even The five elements of crystal are also the sacred products to avoid evil. Wood: Ice Lake Green Jade *Jade can block you, prevent evil and protect you. * Jade has the function of absorbing energy, can absorb the negative energy of the wearer and convert it into positive energy. * Jade has the power to embody a single goal and purpose, not only strong but also gentle, anyone will be well influenced by it. * Jade can emit stable purification fluctuations, so it can eliminate negative energy, exude high fluctuations, eliminate negative thinking, improve love and care, enrich human nature and let it grow and develop. Fire: Strawberry Crystal [Strawberry] Strawberry Crystal ※The function of the peach blossom is powerful. The crystal is covered with red crystals, which look like strawberries and are called strawberry crystals. Strawberry crystal can develop the heart, the main love and interpersonal relationship, the business staff wearing strawberry crystal can increase the performance, but also increase personal charm and enhance interpersonal relationships. Wearing strawberry crystals helps love fortune, attracts a good marriage, and makes thinking clearer and peace of mind. Soil: titanium crystal [about 8.5mm] ※Titanium crystal is the "king of crystal" and also known as "the stone of wealth" The main crystal base of bismuth titanium crystal is white crystal or sapphire. The scientific name of ruthenium-like minerals inside titanium crystal is rutile, which is one of the crystal-generating groups containing titanium crystal inclusions. It is said that the state of Bahia in northern Brazil has been ordered by the Brazilian government to suspend mining and limit the number of exports, so the excellent titanium crystal is one of the most precious crystal gemstones of today. Titanium crystal function: ◎Strengthen wealth, help the business fortune, and have the power to change and transport. The money is all right, the magnetic field is very strong! Gold: Moonstone "Moon Stone, also known as moonstone, is the most valuable gem with optical effects." Milky white, the quality is often translucent, like the moonlight of the moon, is the treasure of feldspar gemstones "Moonstone gives people a meticulous and soft feeling. It has strong light transmission. The inner albite is colored by light reflection. The mysterious and romantic luster is full of aura like moonlight. The Indians used the moonstone as a holy stone, and the ancient Greeks and Romans were more convinced that the moonstone had its mighty power at the full moon. 』 ※Affection between the couple is very suitable for the use of moonstone. If the couple are in a cold war between the couples, let the moonstones of each other meet and be as good as ever. ※ Water: Black Rock Black shale is a natural volcanic glaze with a very powerful effect of avoiding evil and phlegm. Can avoid the interference of negative energy, is the best guardian stone in life~ Businessmen who often travel far away, or people who often go to places that are not in a good place will carry it~ ◎ After the bracelet is sold [before sending], it will be re-adjusted or customized according to the actual size of the [purchaser] or [wearer]. So, please remember to tell the designer that your actual size is 〞喔! ※〝〝不〝〞〞〞手围尺寸〞【The smallest part of the wrist fits the size of a circle】※Use a tape measure to stick the length of the wrist at the thinnest point. The strips of paper and crepe are wrapped around a circle, and the length can be measured with a ruler. Please don't reserve a loose copy! Thank you!


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