Women's Waterproof Flip Flops Outdoor Slippers Waterproof Women Shoes HEAVEN

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QWQ รองเท้าแตะยางธรรมชาติ
QWQ รองเท้าแตะยางธรรมชาติ
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ยาง รองเท้าแตะ หลากหลายสี - Women's Waterproof Flip Flops Outdoor Slippers Waterproof Women Shoes HEAVEN


QWQ Official® MADE IN TAIWAN Material // Natural Rubber, Style // Regular 💎Why choose natural rubber: Soft and comfortable feel underfoot ------------------ comfortable Good anti-slip effect for both the shoe upper and sole --------- safe The shoe body is resistant to dents and not easily deformed ------- durable Good toughness, the sole is not easy to crack, shoes last longer --------- longer-lasting 💎The importance of shoelaces, with a lifetime warranty for shoelaces // free of charge (exclusive for Taiwan) The shoelace hole is in perfect proportion for comfortable wearing and gives the appearance of a longer foot. The thickness of the shoe bottom hole and the shoelace are the same, so the shoelace is not easily broken. (It is really troublesome when the shoelace suddenly breaks when going out.) Suitable for the foot shape of Asian people, comfortable to wear without rubbing feet. 💎QWQ size chart: QWQ 33-34 🔹Japanese size 21.5-22 🔹Recommended foot length 21cm-22cm 🔹Shoe length 22.5CM QWQ 35-36 🔹Japanese size 22.5-23 🔹Recommended foot length 22.5cm-23cm 🔹Shoe length 23.8CM QWQ 37-38 🔹Japanese size 23.5-24 🔹Recommended foot length 23.5cm-24cm 🔹Shoe length 24.7CM QWQ 39-40 🔹Japanese size 24.5-25 🔹Recommended foot length 24.5cm-25cm 🔹Shoe length 25.8CM QWQ 41-42 🔹Japanese size 25.5-26 🔹Recommended foot length 25.5cm-26cm 🔹Shoe length 27CM QWQ 43-44 🔹Japanese size 27-27.5 🔹Recommended foot length 27cm-27.5cm 🔹Shoe length 27.8CM Foot length measurement method: Measure the distance from the longest toe to the most protruding point on the heel as the "foot length." Size reference: Miss A: Foot length 21.5 / width 8.5cm, with wide and thick feet, it is recommended to wear size 35-36. Miss B: Foot length 22.5 / width 8.5cm, with normal feet, it is recommended to wear size 35-36. Miss C: Foot length 23.5 / width 8.8cm, with thin and long feet, it is recommended to wear size 37-38. Miss D: Foot length 23.5 / width 8.7cm, with wide and thick feet, it is recommended to wear size 39-40. 🔸🔸🔸100% original design + 100% made in Taiwan.🔸🔸🔸 🌵Free shipping for orders over $960 🌵Each pair of shoes comes with a non-woven packaging bag (color shipped randomly). 🌵Enjoy a 10-day inspection period for all products in the store, and exchanges and returns can be made without reason, but the inspection period does not apply to overseas customers. 🌵During the inspection period, buyers need to send the product back to QWQ (exclusive for Taiwan). 🌵【Free】 Provide a one-time shipping fee for the return of new products. For returns and exchanges, please follow the instructions on the return and exchange form or inquire through customer service LINE. The following conditions are not eligible for exchanges or returns: dirty products, worn out shoe soles, so please try on the shoes indoors. The returned product for exchange or return must include the original product, packaging including dust bag, shoebox, warranty card (only for drill shoes), hang tags, gifts, etc.


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.Made in Taiwan .Please refer to the product images for detailed size charts. .The shoes are designed with a slight increase in height from the front to the back. .The sole and upper are made of carefully selected natural rubber, with a textured bottom that provides a strong grip on the ground, increases friction, and is soft, anti-odor, and anti-slip


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